I have had the good fortune to meet so many new families this year.  It's funny because first-time clients can be a little unsure if I actually "got anything good" during our walking, romping, shooting, laughing, acting silly, being-themselves-and-loving-on-their-children kind of session together.  I always smile knowingly, because those types of sessions are always my favorites, and I'm happy to show them their images to reassure them.  And probably calm their jitters! Zurman family, I'm pleased to report that I did, indeed, get lots of good things during our time together.  I hope you agree!


These kids (and their 3 children) ;) were a blast to photograph.  It is obvious that they are a family who shares time, hugs, horseplay, and lots of laughs.  What a fun family to be a part of!

blog2I'll be sharing more recent family sessions in the coming days.  I must confess, when I get super-busy, I tend to go into hibernation mode... which makes for lots of galleries cranked out and lots of work done... but notsomuch visibility here on the blog.  ;)  But I'm still working hard, don't worry!  Galleries are launching left and right, and holiday card orders are being filled as you read this.  Well, after I pour that next cup of coffee, that is.

Enjoy!  And Happy December!!

Announcing Holiday Mini-Sessions!

At long last.  We're set.  This year I'm happily offering my Annual Mini-Sessions on the beach, and I'm thrilled to be able to offer you six five four TWO spots in the evening.  Our goal is to get the perfect photo for your holiday cards, Christmas gifts, and little treasures to last all year.  I expect these mini-sessions to go quickly, so email or call me as soon as you can to choose your most convenient time.  I look forward to hearing from you soon, and seeing your beautiful families and how the kids have grown since last time.  If you've never had a session with me, these can be a great way to get a quick session in, and get a feel for how I work with your family  Lots of my mini-session clients do turn into "regular session" clients during the course of the next year! Clearwater and Tampa Holiday Mini Sessions

The above design is just a taste of the gorgeous cards I'm offering this season.  ;)

Edited to add:  There are only TWO mini-sessions left at this time.  If you're contemplating booking a mini-session this season, I'd encourage you to either email or call me quickly to reserve your spot!  This is the only time during the year that I offer mini-sessions and this year they're booking fast.  Thanks so much!!  :) All the spaces are filled!!  Can't wait to photograph your families this season!

If you're interested in a regular session instead of the Mini Session (generally we spend at least 1 hour to 90 minutes at the location of your choice), I do have two (just two) regular weekend sessions available in October that I just opened up (one is morning, one is evening).  Weekdays are filled next, but those are almost full as well.  I'm grateful that so many of my clients have taken the early-bird route this year and have gotten their sessions scheduled ahead of time!  Can't wait to see you.


Our darling baby girl turned two last week.  We celebrated.  We sang.  We clapped.  I cried, as everyone expected.  And if you've been reading this blog for more than a minute, then you know that my crying over my children was never a question in the first place. So whether I want her to be or not, she is two.  :)  She is fiercely independent with bouts of "holdjuuu" mixed in.  She can carry on a conversation with an adult and they can understand almost every word.  She speaks in full, detailed sentences.  She blows us all away on a daily basis.  Intelligent beyond my wildest dreams (just watch her navigate an iPhone).  She's compassionate already, and so sweet to others.  Snuggly.  Loves her big brother.  Loves babies, whether they are real ones, "her" babies, or the children on my computer screen while I'm editing ("cuuuute bebee!").  She has the best laugh when she's tickled in just the right spot.  She loves music.  (Especially Justin Bieber.  Seriously.)  Loves to color, and always hands me the crayon and then asks me to "dwah a hawht."  (translation: draw a heart.  Or a silly face.)  She is full of light.  My Lila.

This isn't the birthday photo I'd envisioned including in this post.  In fact, we haven't even done her two year photos yet.  Those are planned for next week.  However, when I came across this image in my folder it would not let me leave it alone.  I decided that it is perfect to convey my feelings about her turning two.  About my secret wish to smooth right over her birthday and pretend it didn't happen.  That she's not growing up this fast.  That the past two years have not been such a blur.  Although I've hung onto every moment possible, there are some that still slipped through my fingers.  Things that I missed, laughs I didn't hear, naps I didn't see her take.  But that's alright.  She runs into my arms every afternoon.  She snuggles with me every night, and wakes up to me every morning.  She is joyful, and amazing, and perfect.  And now I can choose to wipe aside those tears that burn my throat and make my sight blurry, and recognize the raw beauty that lies within her.

clearwater child photography

My sweet girl.  I love you so.  xxoo  ~Mama

off and running

Ya know, when I signed up for this photographer gig, no one told me I had to also assume the role of IT Tech as well.  ;)  I've just spent the last week-and-a-half performing diagnostics, trouble-shooting and repairing my poor overworked Mac, so that I can get the images off my hard drive and onto my blog!  Oh my Photoshop ~ it pains me!  I guess it's a small price to pay for being able to do what I love every day ~ photographing the most amazing families in Tampa Bay.  I get to meet and cuddle with the sweetest babies, laugh with the funniest kids, and hang out with the most adoring parents in the entire world.  And then when our playtime is over, I get to give them a piece of art that encapsulates how much FUN their family has just being together... how beautiful and fresh their babies are at one week old... how perfect their first-grader's smile is even with that missing front tooth... how utterly precious their children's lives are at that very moment.  I get to give them a piece of their history to pass down through the generations.  Honestly, how lucky am I?! Thankfully, I'm full-force again as of this evening.  Whew!  Just in time to post a sneak-peek for a very patient Mama and Daddy....

Nicholas was just shy of his first birthday at our photo session.  And let me tell you ~ that boy was MOBILE!  Not only was he walking (and very well, I might add) on his own... but he was also RUNNING.  Barefoot.  Down the streets (well, okay, the sidewalks) of downtown Clearwater Beach.  He was so much fun to play peekaboo with, and I had a wonderful time with his parents, who came ready to play!

peekabooI love that he "missed" his eyes during peekaboo.  :)  Hey, cheeks are close enough!


sweetSweet mercy... could you not just eat him up??  Those squishy rosy cheeks, those gorgeous warm brown eyes, the soft wispy hair?

airplane watching


And, in what is quickly becoming a Stacey Woods Photography "beach session tradition" ~ we stopped for ice cream cones!  (Oh how I wish I could juggle a cone and two cameras at the same time.)   ;)

ice cream

lifeguard tower

with daddy


I told ya... that boy's a runner!  :)

Thank you so much, P. family, for a gorgeous evening by the Gulf of Mexico.  Your session was a dream, and I can't wait to see you again soon!  And Happy Birthday, Nicholas!!  :)

senior photos, done stacey woods style.

I don't often get requests for senior shoots, although I actually am finding that I love them!  I guess my specialties are newborns and toddlers, but there's something refreshing about the occasional teenager.... they can actually take direction!  LOL!  A nice fun break for me.  Especially when that teenager is gorgeous and amazingly sweet, and happens to be related to you.  ;)  My brother- and sister-in-law visited us last week from North Carolina, and this is their daughter, Kyndall.  My niece.  It is so hard for me to believe that she is almost seventeen.  She was so little when I started dating Chris (11 years ago).  I'm so very proud of her and the woman she's becoming. Here are a few images (okay, lots ~ heck, it's family!) from our session together.


Loved her boots!



We found the perfect little spot in the trees, surrounded by Spanish moss.


Her Mama's favorite.  :)




And I fell in love with this rustic pier...  much different than the concrete pier I've used before.  I will DEFINITELY be going back with clients!   Who's in??  :)


Thank you, sweet Kyndall Lauren, for tromping all over Pinellas County with me!  I can't wait to finish your gallery, and in the meantime I hope you love your sneak peek.  I love you to pieces.  And thank you for sharing your Uncle Chris with me 11 years ago.  :)

xoxo, Stacey

the love shoot

I've had the pleasure of knowing Alicia for well over six years now.  She and Joe are getting married in the Florida Keys this month, so we got together last week for a little engagement shoot before they leave!  Since she and Joe are getting married on the water, we thought it only fitting to shoot on the beach this day.  Here are a few of my favorites from their session! warm



A little lensbaby fun...



I've always wanted to try that infamous "ring shot" but darnit, I never get the chance.  LOL!  So there's my version!  They were leaning up against the railing at Sloppy Joe's, which is where, I found out until the end of the session, they met and he later proposed!  (A different location, but still.  How coincidental that we'd run up on a Sloppy Joe's during our romp at the beach!)

Sloppy Joe

And y'all know me... I'm addicted to warm, hazy images full of sunflare, sunburst and haze.  So even on this very cloudy evening, we all three waited for the sun to drop just barely under a gigantic cloud, before it sank behind another cloud to disappear for the night.  We had about two minutes, max, to get them in place and get our shot!  And ahhh, it was worth it.  :)

yay for haze

Alicia and Joe, I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek, and can't wait to see you when you get back!!  :)

the one that makes my heart BURST.

As soon as I clicked the shutter, I swear I felt my heart flutter just a bit.  You see, this sweet boy has been begging me for SURFING LESSONS.  He wears a surfboard charm around his neck and he's worn Reefs since before he could even walk.  His hair is long, blond, and I'm more than a little jealous of his natural highlights.  He is slim and has the perfect build to be a surfer.  And here he is on his little skimboard, trying so hard to "hang ten" in the Gulf of Mexico, where, sadly and happily, we are not quite known for our rip-worthy waves. But none of that matters when you're five.  It's just you and your board against that little ripple coming at you.


God, how I love this child.  So very much.  I'm going to enlarge this as big as the sun, and hang it on his wall.  On canvas.  To show him how important he is.  How important his hobbies and loves and interests are.  How proud I am that he's himself, all the time.  My sweet lil' surfer dude.  :)

Umm, anyone know where I can get surfing lessons in the Gulf of Mexico?  ;)  I promised.

summer in the country

Well, not really.  But maybe the forest??  This location is probably my most favorite around... and the images I get are different every time I visit with a new client.  So I love that it stays fresh... I never tire of this place! And I could never tire of this family.  They were so much fun, and really complemented each other well.  Their whole family dynamic was just amazing to sit back and watch.  Take a peek!


blog2Mama with her "boys":

blog12Daddy and his "little" girl:

daddy's girl

drawingI seriously could have photographed them all evening.  Much to dad and bro's dismay, I'm sure (since they were starving).  LOL!  Thanks, G family, for an amazing evening!  I'm so glad the rain held off this time!  ;)

More sessions to be featured on the blog tomorrow!