Stacey Woods is a lifestyle photographer for parents and children. Stacey specializes in emotive artwork for your home, whether that be in the form of professionally designed books, canvas pieces for your walls or digital negatives for preservation and your peace of mind. Read a little more to see if you and Stacey are a good fit, and if your vision for family photography matches hers. Her best work is produced in complete collaboration with her clients, and she is thrilled to find like-minded mamas and daddies who want the same thing: intentional, meaningful photographs that will be treasured and passed down to their children.

Because when you think about it, it's all for them anyway. 


photo credit: Priscilla Baierlein

I am a mama to three beautiful babies (a teenage boy and two little girls), wife to a Southern man, and a country girl at heart -- even though my feet will always prefer to be at the edge of the ocean. I'm an INFP, a 9 on the Enneagram, an empathetic dreamer, and a lifelong learner. I am a sentimental writer, a born teacher, and an inherent encourager. I'm a sweet-tea aficionado and a lover of sunlight, and I believe that everything can look a little prettier with a coat of white paint. 

My favorite time of day is that last hour before sunset, when the sun is low and the light is warm and glowing. I connect more closely with photographs in black and white, stripped of everything except the emotion... because emotion, to me, is far more important and long-lasting than the color of our clothes or our hair at any moment.

My most treasured material possessions are my family photographs. They are tangible clues to my past, to my heritage. Proof that I have my great-grandmother's hands. They are glimpses into my future, as I see the same smiles on my own children's faces as I do on their father's, or when I notice how much I am looking like my mom when she was my age. Photography anchors me in each present moment as I document the authentic connections happening in front of my camera.

photo credit:    Priscilla Baierlein

photo credit: Priscilla Baierlein

Like most of you, my instinct is to shy away from the camera (not my side... your side). But during Summer, I had a little photo shoot with my daughters and absolutely LOVE the resulting images. Not because I'd lost those last ten pounds (I hadn't) or because my hair had just been styled (it hadn't), but because I was honestly delighted to be with them. I wanted my little girls to see how much I loved them, how much joy they bring to my life. One day when my children look back over these precious albums that we will pass down to them, I hope they still see the adoration in my eyes, the unwavering pride I feel for them, and the simple, perfect beauty of an evening spent together. 

photo credit: Priscilla Baierlein

I didn't make those beautiful, miraculous waves, nor do I tell them to follow the moon, when to come in, where to stop, and when to go back out. But I believe I know Who did, and it's my job to show off His work. I don't know how in the world three beautiful people grew inside me, from a teeny cluster of cells into amazing, perfect little human beings, full of breath and life and art just waiting to be released. But I can photograph the artful details of their fingers and their hair and their toothy smiles and their big messes and hugs and sweet faces and even their tears. Because I believe they were each made in His image, and so was I, and doing this work is where my heart feels most alive.

My hope is that I may do this for you. That I may inspire you to snuggle more, to play more, to love more. And that I may give you and your children a tangible reminder of your life together, further reiteration that you loved them so much more than they ever realized when they were still little and life was busy yet full. A photograph to treasure, an art piece to display on your walls, to pass down someday, a beautiful album for your children to open as often as they can, to run their fingers over its pages and remember the security of family, even after they leave home and begin their own. To show you the beauty that is already here in your life, to nudge you to notice that beautiful life and to appreciate it on a different level.

This is my life's work, my calling. And it would be my privilege to be your chosen photographer.

I can't wait to meet you.



Stacey's work has been graciously featured online, in local media, in local art displays, and even as sculpture.... click below to explore.


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If you're a photographer who is interested in learning from Stacey, she offers several mentoring and teaching opportunities throughout the year.