Hello, friend!

I'm honored at your interest in Stacey Woods Photography. Click around below to get to know me and see if my approach is a good fit for what you have in mind.

My approach

My style of photography is lifestyle in nature. It is a celebration of what you love about being a family. The little details that make you who you are. 

If I am photographing your family, my approach is to have you snuggle up together and enjoy each other's company, rather than to stand still and give me your best pretend smile. Years from now, I want you to look at your photographs and remember the way you felt in them, as much as the way you looked... and more. I want you to love the way you loved each other.

I will not ask your children to pose or smile for the camera; instead we will chat and play and explore. I don't expect them -- or you -- to sit perfectly still and look at my camera. I will ask you to cuddle, to hold hands, to laugh, to tickle, and to play. To lie in the grass. To play hide and seek. To sit in the sand. To put your toes in the water. You might get dirty. You might get wet. And the kids will love it all the more if you do. You'll make memories and the kids will be happy and you'll want to come back and do it all over again another time.

In your final set of images, you will see emotion and texture, love and a sense of humor, adoration and authenticity. 

And love. So much love.

Signature Session or Mini Session?

Are you looking for a quick update for your holiday cards? Are you expecting a new baby and would like a short session to document your pregnancy? Do you have a baby (under the age of one) and would like a few moments to celebrate a first tooth, first steps, or a birthday?

Then a Mini Session might be right for you. Minis take place at the location of your choice, last 20 minutes and result in around 15-20 images from which to choose. Prints and products are all sold separately, either a la carte or through an exclusive Mini Collection. 

In these, we focus on 1-3 people (the baby and parents, or the baby and sibling, etc.). It's very short and very sweet. A perfect update to those newborn photographs we did 11 1/2 months ago. ;)

Or..... are there details that you just don't want to miss? Is there an activity that your family adores that you'd love documented? (Baking, biking, boating, etc.) Would you like to include the entire family in the images? Do you desire wall galleries or an annual photo album? Do you want more images and choices than what is possible from a short mini session?  

Then you will love our Signature Session. A Signature Session can include just the kids or the whole family. It lasts 1-2 hours at the location of your choice, and results in 40-60 images from which to choose. Prints and products are sold separately, either a la carte or through our Print and Digital Collections. Collections begin at $1200. There is a $750 minimum print order expected, however most clients come prepared to purchase an album, a wall gallery, and most often the digital files.

You may view pricing for Signature Sessions by clicking the magazine below. You're welcome to save it for future reference, or simply come back here next time you need it.

What are the next steps?

Once you're convinced that your vision and my approach are a good combination, there are only two things you need to take care of...

  1. Session Fee (if you haven't already taken care of it using the links above)
  2. Session Registration Form (also linked when you pay your session fee)

And that's it! I will contact you ASAP to confirm your session appointment and details. I can't wait to meet you!