The Early Weeks

Just thought I'd post a few images of our sweet girl from the past two weeks.  We're all adapting well to the sleep deprivation slight adjustment, to a family of four instead of three.  ;) _DSC0389bw5x7web

Lila is a great baby, and her big brother Parker is SO proud of her... and he's being such a big help to us as well.  Even though he refuses to call her by her real name -- he insists on calling her by the name HE wanted for her.  So we are finding ourselves going behind him and correcting friends and family who have been told, "My new baby sister's name is Ava Caroline!"  Love his heart though.  He was so disappointed when we decided on Lila Kate at the eleventh hour.  (Hey, I did all the hard work here though, so shouldn't I have gotten the final say?!  Yes, that's precisely what I thought.)  ;)


I dearly love the above shot.  Poor Lila -- although Parker is beaming like he's the best babysitter ever.  LOL!


Who can resist a shot of a baby's feet??  Or a baby's bum, for that matter?  :)