The Girls' Amber Teething Necklaces

I get asked all the time about my girls' "pretty necklaces".  When Lila wore hers, we would be stopped almost every time we were out, and now we're asked about Charlotte's too.  I thought I'd share a few photos of these wonderful "jewels", since my article about them is on The Creative Mama today.

They are Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces, meant to alleviate the constant pain and symptoms of teething.  These natural resin beads release succinic acids, oils that when worn against the skin, act as an anti-inflammatory.  They also help with other teething symptoms, like drooling, restlessness and the general fussiness that comes along with those new chompers.  Lila wore her necklace when she was about eight or nine months old, up until she got her two-year molars.  After that, we passed the beads on to my nephew, Finn, during his visit to Florida (below).  My sister says his constant drooling has all but stopped.  Hooray for that!

Charlotte is seven months old now, and although she hasn't cut any teeth just yet, she has been drooling and whining and gnawing on everything since she was about four months old.  We put an amber necklace on her back in January, and have noticed a great improvement to her symptoms already!  She never drools, and only fusses a little about her gums.

Our necklaces have both come from Amberizon, and they were only around $13-18 each.  Hazelaid also has them for around $22 for a 12" strand, if you'd like to purchase one for your own little love.

If you're at the end of your rope like we were with Lila's teething pain, have a peek over at The Creative Mama today and read up on these necklaces for yourself.  I've recommended them to countless friends and family members, and I hope they work for your babies as well!

And let's be honest.  They're really pretty too.  :)