Seeing in Shades of Black and White

My "other job" is co-owner, co-editor, and collaborator over at The Creative Mama, a wonderful little blog that focuses on nurturing creativity within our everyday lives.  I'm excited to have my article published today on why I shoot black and white images, a few key elements I look for when crafting my black and whites, and what inspires me to shoot black and white images (almost) exclusively. joy

Funny, but looking around my home right now, there is very little color surrounding me, besides whites, creams, blacks, greys, beiges, and browns.  It would appear that I also live in black and white!  I guess that's my comfort and where my heart truly is.  And I'm more than okay with that.

I hope you'll read along and feel a connection to the way I see my world:  In Shades of Black and White.