One Favorite | Tampa Bay Newborn Photographer

I am launching a gallery for this sweet family tonight, and I felt compelled to share a favorite image here while I finish up.  This photograph just makes me anticipate the arrival of my own little one, that much more.  Sweet light... sweet mama... sweet scrunchy newborn.  It was one of those in-between moments when he was fussing just slightly, and Jen was gently soothing him.  It was a moment that makes me happy that I could capture it. photo of a mother and baby in black and whiteI promise I have a lot more to share... soon.



Now for the boys....

So many families of girls I've photographed recently!  This shoot was 100% boy, however.  Trains (both Thomas and the authentic variety), soccer in the backyard, crazy animal sounds, lots of snuggling with Mama and Daddy, and laughs by the barrel-full.  See for yourself... I think they were pretending to be tigers here.  ;)  LOVE that Mom and Dad joined in, how fun is that?!

Such handsome faces.....  


Hailing Thomas...  ;)

Thanks so much, guys, for an awesome playdate.  I had a blast with you, and all of your boyish-ness!