Only 33 More Days Until I Get To Do This...

sleep It's been a crazy season so far!  I have lots of client sessions to post here on the blog, and I'll be back soon with a few beautiful families to show off.  But this afternoon, I thought this photo was fitting to share with you... especially my fellow photographers who are likely desperate for a good solid nap these days... as am I.  I won't be napping anytime soon, but I count it a blessing that so many sweet families have continued to commission me again this year for their holiday portraits.  I'm grateful for the hectic schedule, despite the hectic schedule.  ;)

Now back to the photo... couldn't you just kiss those peachy, little baby toes??  This was taken one recent weekend morning in Mama and Daddy's bed, shot at f/2, 1/200 and ISO 3200.  Yep.  Love my Nikon.  And my sweet, sleepyhead girl.

Hmm, now I need another cup of coffee.

19 weeks....

And my girl's still got it.  The "newborn curl", that is.  ;)

Can you believe those rolls??  She's just a bundle of squishy goodness to me.  This kid hasn't missed a meal, I can promise you that.  ;)

And for those clients out there who have ever apologized to me for their newborns "going potty" on my blankets or backdrops... let me just tell you again:  It's normal.  Don't worry, it happens.  (Almost every single session!)  It's really okay.  But, if it makes you feel better.... Lila peed on my bed just three seconds after I shot this frame.  LOL!