at long last...

It's here.  Finally.  Many long hours of tweaking, deliberating, hand-selecting images, re-writing text and bios and formatting pages.  Then scrapping it all and starting again.  And for the first time in a few years, a brand new website for Stacey Woods Photography is LIVE.  I'm thrilled!  I wanted a very clean and uncluttered aesthetic, a very simple menu bar, and no distracting elements.  The images are gigantic, almost double the size of my former website, and I do love the scrolling filmstrip feature!  (The slideshow can be turned on if you don't feel like clicking through on your own.  And simply click on an image to disable the filmstrip feature ~ the images will then fade in and out instead of scrolling by.) stacey woods photography tampa maternity photos

I have to say, BIGfolio did an amazing, amazing job for me.  I submitted my request to go live on a Friday night, thinking they would get to it on Monday morning... wrong.  They had my site live on Saturday morning.  Their customer service is fantastic!  They have been quick to respond since I first inquired about my new site, and every time I have a question, they respond right away with a very helpful answer.

I encourage you to click on over to my new website, have a look, and check out the features, pages, and lots of new images.  Some familiar favorites, too.  (I have accepted the fact that I may never be "finished" when it comes to choosing images!)  I'd love to know what you think.

PS, the maternity image above is of my sister, who visited me in May/June of this year, just before she gave birth to her baby boy.  We waded out into the Gulf of Mexico for this particular photograph.  I promise I'll share the rest of those images with you soon!