What Naptime Looks Like

With a new baby in the house, we do a lot of sleeping around here.

Wait.  Let me rephrase that.  Charlotte does a lot of sleeping.  Mama is not so lucky ;)

Charlotte is on a great schedule... eat, play, sleep... eat, play, sleep.  Parker, at 7 1/2, doesn't nap anymore, and is at school during the day while the girls are here.  But Lila certainly needs her afternoon nap.  Goodness, she can be the sweetest little grump if she doesn't get a decent amount of sleep!  Although, admittedly, with so many changes to our old routine, her nap schedule at home varies quite a bit.  It's a rare occasion that our schedules get lined up so perfectly that the girls will be asleep for a few minutes at the same time.  (When that happens, I guarantee you that I will be (quietly) singing the Hallelujah chorus!)

This month I tried to document these moments when they're sleeping sweetly.  On some particularly exhausting day when they've all been naughty and I haven't had enough sleep myself... I will undoubtedly pull out these precious photos, hold them close to my heart, and remember what darling angels my children can be when they're asleep!!  ;)

Notice how she popped OUT the pacifier and popped IN her own thumb.  Sweet baby.

Yes, that's Lila wearing a bathing suit.  In November.  That's our girl!  She fought this nap so hard, and finally I caved and told her she could eat her snack in front of the TV.  A few minutes later, I looked over and saw that she had passed right out.  Love her heart.

This last image is probably my favorite... Lila saw Charlotte sleeping in her bouncy seat, and brought in her Bitty Baby to sleep alongside her.  Charlotte's first naptime friend!

I hope you'll continue the "What ________ Looks Like" lifestyle blog circle by visiting the talented Gina Oh | Arroyo Grand, CA Photographer.  She has some delightful lifestyle images to share with us, as always.  Enjoy the journey, friends.  xxoo

Also, I'm over at The Creative Mama today writing about a sweet Christmas tradition that I enjoyed with my Popaw Deb when I was growing up.  I hope you'll click over and read, and share one of your favorite Christmas rituals too!

holiday schedule, and a few more images too!

Just wanted to give you a little update now that we're fully into December and the holidays are almost HERE!!!  :)  This is my absolute favorite time of year, but WOW at the busy-ness!  My labs are working overtime and crazy hours to get all the prints, canvases, albums and image boxes back in time for Christmas delivery, and I'm pulling lots of late nights getting everyone's orders in and put together, shipped out, blogged HA!, and delivered!  I even have a few new sessions to share before we close up for 2009 and await the New Year! That said, my holiday schedule will continue through December 17.  Stacey Woods Photography will be closed from Friday, December 18 until Monday, January 11.  (Excepting newborn and maternity clients, which must be photographed during all-important, fleeting, very specific timeframes to ensure the best images possible!).  If you're already on my books for the first week of January, have no fear.  You're still in!  :)  I am starting to book up January now so definitely place a call or send over an email if you'd like to get on the schedule for January or February.  And if you have an order outstanding, please wait just a little longer!  It's coming shortly, I promise!

Now, to share a few images from some recent sessions.  I've been almost afraid to post some of these for fear that I'm spoiling someone's Christmas card or present!  ;)  But I think I'm safe to share these, so here we go!


This is a lovely family that I met at the last Baby Loves Disco event in Tampa.  They looked me up again this year for a Christmas session, and I'm so glad they did!  Little A was so funny and so spirited the entire shoot!  He made me work for it!  :)

Preschoolers go their own way, that's for certain... right into Daddy's arms.  Ahhh, sweetness.


And how I love this sweet still moment with Mama.  He had the most gorgeous lashes, really.



And I know you can't see it in this black and white photo above, but Mom had on some KILLER red pumps.  :)  Loved them, and loved the energy of this family.  Can't wait until next time, sweet S family!  Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

it's the little things...

... that I love so much about my family sessions.  Like a quick glance back.... and a sweet unexpected wave.  :)

Tiny feet...

And even silly faces!  (You just wait, these boys are going to be heart-breakers one day soon.  Just look at that wink!)

Honest portraiture.  That's what it's all about.  I aim to capture boys being boys (walking sticks and all)....

...babies being babies...

...Mamas and Daddies lovin' on each other.

Cause that's the heart of the family anyways, isn't it?  It's not some photographer making you sit still, turn your head this way or that.  Your family is about YOU.  Not me.  :)  I just want to photograph you the way you are.  Even if that means the baby has her fingers in her mouth!  (And seriously, how unbelievably precious is that anyhow?!)

Let me just say, this sweet family was awesome to work with.  The boys were so much fun, I think I laughed for the majority of the session.  And part of the time I held back a little ways, photographing them from afar, just watching them explore the water, the trees, the sticks, the horseshoe crabs who'd lost their way.  Mom and Dad were so laid back, which truly makes what my job so much easier.  Baby girl was snuggly and a little unsure at first, but by the end of the session, she was giggling in Daddy's arms.

And putty in Mama's.  ;)

Thank you, sweet family of six, for letting me capture who you are!  I hope you enjoy your images.  :)

So this was my weekend...

My parents flew into town on Friday to visit us, and to see how much the kids have grown.  Gosh, what a shock they got when they saw how monstrous Lila's chunky thighs are, lol!  Ahh, she's such a good eater.  :)  Anyhow, we visited, laughed, played, loved, and cried.  For three days.  And Parker sobbed when we dropped them off at the airport today, love his heart.  I thought I'd share a few "snapshots" with you from our short time together....  

Popaw Pat and his "little man" watching Christmas movies together, of all things!  ;)  Told ya we were in the Christmas spirit here at the Woods house!  lol

Love her expression here.... she makes this face a lot!  And it melts me of course.

"Nammie" (one of the grandkids couldn't say "Grammy" so it stuck) and her 5th granddaughter... Can you believe Parker is the only son/grandson on my side of the family?  Just my boy and a bunch of girly-girls, blech!  ;) 

Right before leaving for the airport.... at least he held it together until they were out of sight!  (Ahem, same goes for me, as always....)

And we took Parker into the backyard this afternoon for a little "mini-session"...  it's for a project that my Mom is working on.  I couldn't help but adore these!!

Apparently he was LOVING my knock-knock jokes today.  Thank goodness!  I thought I'd run out of tricks with this one....  ;)  And last one.... "Progression of a Laugh" I call it.  Now, I dare you not to smile.  :)

I'm back in the office as of this morning (Tuesday).  I've got a slew of emails and voice messages to return, so if you need me, no worries..... I'll be glued to my office chair for the entire day!!!!  :) 

such a beautiful family, inside and out

I met this super-sweet family a few weeks back at Honeymoon Island, and we had such a fun time together!  


I loved how relaxed these two were the whole session.  I tell ya, it makes my job soooo much easier! 

These beautiful parents have five gorgeous kids.  Who were just about the funniest, most playful, and most well-mannered kids I'd ever seen.  Well, even if a few of them are practically grown-ups themselves.  ;)






The girls...

Absolutely loved this one.....

And the boys...


And I just loved this one among the sea grapes....  :)

Thanks, guys, for such a fun evening at the beach!  And for playing along with all of my wacky ideas.  :)  I hope you enjoy these!

The 411 on Mini-Sessions...

Haven't you just been biting your fingernails in anticipation?  ;)  Here's the scoop on the Holiday Promotion for 2008...  Two days:  Saturday, September 27 (morning slots, then evening slots) at Phillippe Park in Safety Harbor.  Lots of live oaks, a small beach, wide open fields, shady spots to relax.  Then Monday, October 6 (morning and evening) in downtown Clearwater.  Brick walls, bright colors, relaxed urban feel to this spot.  (Rain date Saturday October 11.)  A twenty-minute session gets you 8-10 images from which to choose.  The session package includes 1 8x10, 2 5x7s, and two boxes of holiday cards of your choice.  (And I'll post card samples here on the blog next week!)  I'm also offering a couple of fun, "with purchase" bonus items this year (a little something new!)....  a gorgeous limited edition brag book including all session images, and exclusive session CDs!  Contact me for further details and pricing. 

I anticipate these slots to fill very quickly again this year, and they're on a first-come, first-serve basis (yes, voice mails count, lol!).  So don't wait!  These will be the ONLY mini-sessions I offer all year long.  These are PERFECT if you want to experience a little taste of what a full session is like, or if you are a current client and simply need an updated family photo for holiday cards and *ahem* grandparents' gifts!!  ;)  Call me at 727.698.0344 or shoot me an email at stacey@staceywoodsphoto.com to reserve your spot.

*All holiday orders MUST be placed no later than November 1 to ensure Christmas delivery!  I will still be shooting well into November and December, but I can't guarantee holiday delivery for any of those sessions.  So.... jump on the bandwagon guys!  Talk to you soon.  :)


(Oh, and since I can't have any more posts without images... it's just not right at all, ya know...  here's a recent shot of my little sweetie.  Can you believe Lila is already two months old?  *sniff sniff*)