Product Feature | Gorgeous Handmade Albums

I sent out some gorgeous pieces to a few clients this week.  But before these pretty albums left my hands, I took a few photos so I could show you just how beautiful these handmade books are!  This is The Heirloom Album, which is offered a la carte or within my top print collection, and let me tell you... these books are of impeccable quality.  Cypress Albums does a fabulous job hand-creating them for me in their bindery, and I'm so proud to offer them to my clients.

This particular book is library-bound, but we also offer a ribbon-bound spine as well.  Each album comes tucked inside its own coordinating presentation box, covered in Japanese bookbinding fabrics and tied with Swiss ribbons.

Each album holds 30 matted prints from your session, permanently matted and hand-bound within the book.  These sweet clients chose black matted pages for their book, but we also offer natural mats as well.  I love these black mats, and I feel they're especially complimentary to black and white images... which happens to be the bulk of my work.

Won't this book be a treasure to pass down someday?

You can see how nice and thick each matted page is.  Told you... gorgeous.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sure and feature more of these detailed product photos for you.  I'm actually working on a dedicated product page here on the blog, for new clients who are interested in what they'll receive as final art pieces for their home.  Stay tuned for that!


I had the honor of photographing this sweet baby boy under one of my favorite piers here on the Gulf Coast.  I thought it was only fitting to document him near the waves, given his name and how important the water is to his parents.  Introducing little Ocean, photographed at just ten days old. . . _dsc0295d





And a few taken at his home. . .  what sweet love surrounds him.






Thank you, Billie and Doug, for waiting so patiently for your sneak peek!  I hope you love the images.  I've got lots more where these came from, but of course we have to leave some surprises for your gallery.  ;)  I'll have the rest of your photographs ready for you to view this week!


I also have a quick bit of info to share:  I am holding my first-ever "casting call" for newborn models, preferably under 3 weeks of age.

The requirements are as follows:

~newborns with dark skin

~model release must be signed, and images will/may be used for local gallery display (inquire for details)

~singletons and multiples all welcome

~shoot must take place within the Tampa Bay area at your home or other location of Stacey's choice

If you and your baby/babies are selected to participate, you will receive a complimentary photo session and print credit.  Sessions are limited.  Please inquire for further details if you are currently expecting or have a brand new baby, or if you know someone who fits the bill.  Feel free to pass this link on!  You may call 727.698.0344 or  email me at for more information, or to be considered.  Include a snapshot if you like.  I can't wait to meet you!


Thanks as always!  And stay tuned for lots more images from the pier.

PEACE | tampa newborn lifestyle photography

I want you to meet the tiniest, sweetest, most peaceful baby girl on earth.  Introducing Lucia Mary, whose arrival was a few days late by some standards, but right on time for the only one that really mattered: hers.  She was so good to me for our session, giving me the brightest eyes and mesmerizing eye contact, and then sweet slumber (and smiles!). A little backstory: I lugged in all my "newborn gear": the beanbag, baskets, furs, blankets, the whole nine yards.  But the mood at Lucia's house was so peaceful and relaxed, and I always try to go with my clients' energy and style as much as I can.  Once I started shooting, I really felt comfortable the way the session was leading, and I felt it was best to shoot as simply as possible.  We shot this session very lifestyle-ish, using very few "props" besides a few blankets and her Mommy.  And I loved how it turned out!!  I edited them a little differently as well, just because I felt the black and whites needed a warmer presence.  Anyhow, enough of my musings.  :)  I've been so anxious to get these posted for Lucia's parents; I know they're looking forward to seeing our results from the day.  (Your entire gallery will be ready very soon, but for now, enjoy your sneak peek!  xo)

tampa baby photographer






Lucia has a very proud big sister, and a very curious cousin!  I love these next two!  Such a sweet trio of girls.



Patty, thank you for your patience, and for being such an amazing person, mom, and friend.  All our love to you, Scott and the girls.

precious little man

I got the chance to meet Aiden, the sweetest little newborn this past week... he was 8 days old and absolutely perfect.  Such a good sleeper for me too.  See for yourself... smile


detailsYou know me... I have to capture those details, no matter how tiny they are!


And I have to give credit to Daddy here, who came up with the idea of the next pair of images.  I can't wait to see these hanging side by side in their new home!  What a blessed little boy Aiden is to have such amazing parents who very obviously adore him.  I can't stress it enough ~ I love this wonderful job of mine!


Just before the end of the session, Grandma took her turn holding her first grandchild...  in the rocking chair that her grandfather built to rock her father to sleep as a baby...  who rocked her to sleep in it, and she eventually rocked her daughter (Aiden's Mama) in this chair as well.  So, this little fella is the fourth generation of babies to be lulled to sleep in this very special rocker.  Now... how amazing and sentimental is that?!  And of course, it worked like a charm.  After some warm milk and a sway or two, he was out...  sound asleep in his Grandma's arms.


Nicole and Jeff, congratulations on your beautiful baby boy, and thank you for sharing your morning with me.  I can't wait to show you the rest of your gallery ~ you're going to just love the rest!

19 weeks....

And my girl's still got it.  The "newborn curl", that is.  ;)

Can you believe those rolls??  She's just a bundle of squishy goodness to me.  This kid hasn't missed a meal, I can promise you that.  ;)

And for those clients out there who have ever apologized to me for their newborns "going potty" on my blankets or backdrops... let me just tell you again:  It's normal.  Don't worry, it happens.  (Almost every single session!)  It's really okay.  But, if it makes you feel better.... Lila peed on my bed just three seconds after I shot this frame.  LOL!