So many gifts

I love this sweet girl and her precious mama and daddy. I met them when this very big preschooler was just a babe in her mama's tummy, and I've been so blessed to be able to watch her grow these past three years.

Earlier this summer, to mark Isa's 3rd birthday, we went back to the Sand Pearl, which holds very special meaning to Isa's parents. We read her favorite books, we twirled in tutus, we giggled, we dressed up, we played Mommy, we played on the white dunes, splashed in the Gulf, jumped a few waves and got a little bit wet :) and snuggled in blankets with her Mama at the end. 

I left the session so full and happy, nostalgic and thankful. Like I'd just opened a gift that meant the world to me. 

Stacey Woods lifestyle photography for children
Stacey Woods, lifestyle photographer
Horton Hears a Who, by Stacey Woods
Horton Hears a Who 2, by Stacey Woods
Toddler Feet, by Stacey Woods
Sand Pearl Ballerina, by Stacey Woods
Just Like Mommy, by Stacey Woods
Style, Baby  |  by Stacey Woods
All the Giggles, by Stacey Woods
Kisses from Daddy, by Stacey Woods
Family on the Beach, by Stacey Woods
Family on the Dunes, by Stacey Woods
Kicking up Sand with Daddy, by Stacey Woods
Little Girl Curls, photography by Stacey Woods
Catching a Wave, family beach photography by Stacey Woods
Lifestyle Family Photography, Stacey Woods
Kids beach photography by Stacey Woods
Lifestyle Family Photography on Clearwater Beach, by Stacey Woods

Isa's grandparents were in town to visit her (they're from Kentucky too... my favorite kind of people!), and they told me how many of her photos they have up in their home... how they sometimes tear up when they look at them, and how much they appreciate having these photographs to keep Isa close, even though they can't see her every day. 

It was precious of them to share this, and it was encouraging for me to see them so delighted about something that I can give them. A connection to their sweet girl miles away. 

And I will use this gift of mine somehow, someway, until I don't have anything left to give anymore.

Sister and Fur Brother, by Stacey Woods

Just for old time's sake... the last photo (with her cute fur brother, Spencer) is from 2014. It's unbelievable how much Isa has grown and changed in a year! Time passes quickly, friends. Don't waste a minute of it.


Elevate: A Fine Art Photography Exploration | October 2011

Anyone can shoot chaos.  

But the most perceptive photographers can make compelling pictures

out of uninteresting moments. - Alex Tehrani

Stacey Woods beach portraitsI don't often get the chance to shoot just for me.  To release the ideas that I have bottled up, waiting for the right moment to play out and be realized.  But if we don't stretch creatively, then we will never grow.  To that end, I have joined another group of photographers for a second project that I'm proud to be involved in.  It's entitled, "{elevate} a fine art photography exploration".

Elevate is a blog project focused on exploring the fine art side of photography.  Each month, we will post a photo or series of images focused on art and photography.  There are no rules.  We simply post what comes from our heart and allow our inner artist a chance to explore and fly. Stacey Woods beach photographer FloridaWelcome to where my heart is.  I hope you'll be here again next month.

As it goes with my other blog project, there are several of us in the group.  We are supporting one another each and every month, and we'd like for you to take a little trip through our circle if you would.  You might discover a new favorite artist or a new way of seeing the world.  Would you continue our circle's journey, and visit my very talented friend Martha Schuster for her beautiful vision of fine art photographer this month.  She doesn't disappoint, I assure you.  Martha's work is perfectly captivating.  Enjoy...

Martha Schuster  |  i see the moon photography  |  Long Beach, CA