A delight.

Meet the fabulous Jill Somers, owner of the equally fabulous Somers Salon and Spa in Clearwater, and her sweet, adorable family.  (You MUST pay her spa a visit, by the way.  Her Stylists and Spa Staff are all incredibly amazing, and you will leave her spa rejuvenated, refreshed, and relaxed, I PROMISE!  I always do!  ;)  Her mantra at the Spa is to bring "Beauty, Style, and Relaxation to the World, One Person at a Time".  And wow, does she ever!  Check out Jill's blog as well, to get salon updates and promotion details, spa information, as well as "hot tips"!) Anyhow, Jill and her family (including their ever-charming terrier Rex!!) are always such a delight to photograph.  (Check out how much little Ella has grown since our session last year!)  A few weeks back, we headed to Phillippe Park again and played in the sand, hiked up the stairs of the Indian Mound (and back down... and back up... and back down), relaxed under the shady trees, and even made friends with a spider.....

Loved the way she was telling Rex to "stop!"  :)  That chubby little hand, oh my goodness.

I just love-love-love the image above.  :)  Totally makes me smile!  

What a gorgeous little girl she is.  Just absolutely precious in every way.  And wouldn't you know it, she has the best hair.  :)  (Thanks, Mom!)   

19 weeks....

And my girl's still got it.  The "newborn curl", that is.  ;)

Can you believe those rolls??  She's just a bundle of squishy goodness to me.  This kid hasn't missed a meal, I can promise you that.  ;)

And for those clients out there who have ever apologized to me for their newborns "going potty" on my blankets or backdrops... let me just tell you again:  It's normal.  Don't worry, it happens.  (Almost every single session!)  It's really okay.  But, if it makes you feel better.... Lila peed on my bed just three seconds after I shot this frame.  LOL!