the one that makes my heart BURST.

As soon as I clicked the shutter, I swear I felt my heart flutter just a bit.  You see, this sweet boy has been begging me for SURFING LESSONS.  He wears a surfboard charm around his neck and he's worn Reefs since before he could even walk.  His hair is long, blond, and I'm more than a little jealous of his natural highlights.  He is slim and has the perfect build to be a surfer.  And here he is on his little skimboard, trying so hard to "hang ten" in the Gulf of Mexico, where, sadly and happily, we are not quite known for our rip-worthy waves. But none of that matters when you're five.  It's just you and your board against that little ripple coming at you.


God, how I love this child.  So very much.  I'm going to enlarge this as big as the sun, and hang it on his wall.  On canvas.  To show him how important he is.  How important his hobbies and loves and interests are.  How proud I am that he's himself, all the time.  My sweet lil' surfer dude.  :)

Umm, anyone know where I can get surfing lessons in the Gulf of Mexico?  ;)  I promised.