Five on Friday | iPhone Photo Apps You'll Love

Here we are at week two of the Five on Friday Project!  This week I thought I'd share a few iPhone photo apps you need to try.  Especially in light of so many folks signing on for the 365/Grateful Project.  It's super easy to document your grateful moments with your camera phone, because generally it's either in your purse, your back pocket, in your hand or on your desk most of the time (if you're like me!). FIVE ON FRIDAY  |  My Favorite iPhone Photo Apps

1  |  ShakeIt Photo my heart goes pitter-patter when the shutter sounds.  Reminiscent of a vintage polaroid!  Shaking your phone isn't necessary for the photo to "develop", but it is absolutely 100% required for fun.  :)

2  |  Shake It which is different than ShakeIt Photo.  I love it because it offers a more authentic white "frame" or back, and the processing is a little softer (the way I like it), but lately it's been a bit slow on my iPhone... not sure why.  Still love it though, and use it all the time.

3  |  Hipstamatic + all the fun films and lenses.  Try these lenses: Kaimal Mark II, Helga Viking, and Roboto Glitter.  SO much fun.  Fave films are Ina 1969, Pistil, and the BlacKeys B&W.

4  |  Tilt-Shift Generator mimics the super fun tilt-shift lens with your iPhone photos.  Love, love, love the effects of this app!!

5  |  Camera Bag's "Instant" selection has more muted processing than some other "polaroid" apps.  And the "Helga" (Holga) option is fantastic.

And just because I can't stop at five today... I recently discovered CrossProcess and PictureShowMillColour also looks promising.


This one was taken with the default camera on my iPhone 3Gs and ran through CrossProcess.

Now go check these apps out, and have fun playing!  And if you have any favorites of your own, please do share in the comments!  I'd love to find a few more outlets for my obsessive-compulsive iphoneography addiction.  ;)