I have had the good fortune to meet so many new families this year.  It's funny because first-time clients can be a little unsure if I actually "got anything good" during our walking, romping, shooting, laughing, acting silly, being-themselves-and-loving-on-their-children kind of session together.  I always smile knowingly, because those types of sessions are always my favorites, and I'm happy to show them their images to reassure them.  And probably calm their jitters! Zurman family, I'm pleased to report that I did, indeed, get lots of good things during our time together.  I hope you agree!


These kids (and their 3 children) ;) were a blast to photograph.  It is obvious that they are a family who shares time, hugs, horseplay, and lots of laughs.  What a fun family to be a part of!

blog2I'll be sharing more recent family sessions in the coming days.  I must confess, when I get super-busy, I tend to go into hibernation mode... which makes for lots of galleries cranked out and lots of work done... but notsomuch visibility here on the blog.  ;)  But I'm still working hard, don't worry!  Galleries are launching left and right, and holiday card orders are being filled as you read this.  Well, after I pour that next cup of coffee, that is.

Enjoy!  And Happy December!!