ella's baby sister

Remember sweet Ella from my post below? _dsc3807bw

Well, she's learning how to be a big sister!  I got to spend the morning with Ella, baby Anna, and their sweet parents recently to photograph them again... only this time, as a brand new family of four.

_dsc4071Aren't they cute snuggled up in the bassinet together??  Ella has the honor of helping to take care of and love on her new little sister for the rest of her life.  Anna is so blessed to have entered this family.

the girls



She is just beyond precious.


We were even able to capture a few of Miss Emilia, Anna's new friend and "part-time sister" who was very curious about these little feet all bundled up.


I'll have lots more for you soon!  Thanks for waiting so patiently for the sneak peek, Damian, Jill, and all the anxious Somers Salon and Spa family!!  Oh, and psst, Lauren, you can stop hitting "refresh" now.  ;)  *mwahh!*

into open arms | tampa bay newborn photographer

I have no doubt that Joshua entered this world into anxious, joyful arms.  That he is surrounded by love and admiration, and is adored by many.  I had the pleasure of photographing him at the ripe old age of three weeks.  :)  With two parents who obviously are very much in love, I wonder where Joshua's favorite place to be is?? anderson023

In his parents' arms, of course.  And I don't think you'll hear them complaining.  ;)




Loved the sweet curve of his back, and the way the light fell across it.




Can you get over this peace sign he's throwing me here?  Ha!


Megan and John, I hope you enjoy your gallery.  It was my honor to photograph your baby boy for you.

A love letter.....

Dearest Coco,   Oh how I adore you.  Thank you for being so sleepy and wonderful and squishy and bendy for our session.  You were a treat to photograph, as were your beautiful parents.  In your beautiful house.  

Give your wonderful, adoring family a big HUG from me for being so well-prepared for our little session together, and for having such amazing built-in props there, just waiting for me to take advantage of them....  :)

And for your Mama being sweet enough to GIVE ME that gorgeous cocoon we snuggled you up in for awhile.  The one that you apparently loved, because you slept so peacefully inside it!I know you'll never wonder for a single second if you are loved.  Because you will be smothered in kisses for the rest of your life.... I'm quite certain of that.  :)  You are surrounded by love, little one!

Hope to see you soon, sweet baby girl.  You were truly the highlight of my week.

Love, Your Smitten Photographer  :)