I've had this post on my mind for several days now.  Trying to find the right words.  Thinking of the importance of this session, and really, of every session I am commissioned to shoot.  I will tell you that immediately upon meeting them, I could tell that this darling baby girl is loved beyond her wildest dreams, and by so many people.  Her Daddy is undoubtedly thinking of her while he's overseas fighting for our country and protecting our freedoms, his daughter's freedoms, on a daily basis.  Her Mama has strength like I've never seen, and she is to be thanked for her many sacrifices as well.  I know it isn't easy. But I will say that there aren't many things in this life more recognizable and powerful than a parent's love for his/her child.  It's a beautiful thing to see.  And let me tell you, this child is loved.  Truly adored.

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We met at a natural spring in this area, and the entire park was beautiful.  I plan on going back just as soon as I can.  The fields were beautiful and the light was delicious.  Backlight is my soft spot, you know.   ;)  And so are snuggles with Mommy.  Watching them together was mesmerizing.  And I must confess that I just kept shooting, and smiling behind my camera, long after I'd gotten the images I'd intended on getting... they were just too sweet together and their connection was so obvious, their adoration so mutual.  It really was precious and hard to turn my eye away from.  Every child should be this blessed!

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Daddy was only in for a short while, in fact he was leaving the next morning and would soon be on his way back overseas.  But watching him interact with his daughter was touching.  You see, he hadn't seen since she was just a few weeks old, and she had just turned one a few days before our session.  I imagine he'd had to get to know his daughter all over again as a toddler.  And that made me realize how lucky my children are to be able to see their Daddy at home every day.  It also reminded me to be extremely thankful for those who sacrifice that very precious thing for our sakes.  I don't think we could ever thank our servicemen and women enough.

clearwater baby photographer stacey woods

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Ami, Frank, I'm grateful that you were so willing to be in front of my lens.  Your daughter has such a sweet smile and personality.  You're doing a great job with her, and you are both such an inspiration of strength to me.  Thank you!

I have so many more images that I'd love to share, but I have to save some lovely surprises for their gallery.  Thank you everyone for stopping by the blog.  I appreciate you being here!  And I'll be back with more sessions to share soon.