Lessons From My Muse

I have been thinking for quite some time about how my style developed, how I came to shoot the way I do.  Why my thought process is the way it is, and just why I want to capture such "lifestyle" moments of my clients and their families.  Why I could care less if the kids look at me and smile, and why it's perfectly fine with me if they just want to play and "ignore me" for a while.  And I realized that the entire time I was learning and practicing at home, prior to rolling out my shingle and opening my photography business... I was being trained by my son, Parker.  His actions and reactions to me and my camera would be the basis for my own style, my brand of work, and would largely shape my perspective on photography and how I approach my clients and subjects to this day. copyright stacey woods photography 2010You can read more about my journey HERE, because the sweet girls over at Our Cups Runneth Over are featuring my story and images today on their blog.  Go read it and leave some blog love if you have a minute to spare.  (Thanks Cilla and girls, for giving me the honor of being your guest poster today!)

Maybe it will cause you to think about exactly why YOU shoot the way you do... why you look at your subjects in a certain way, and how you approach your sessions altogether.  It was eye-opening for me to go through this process of breaking it all down and tracing it all back to this very sweet boy of mine.

I owe him so much.