So this was my weekend...

My parents flew into town on Friday to visit us, and to see how much the kids have grown.  Gosh, what a shock they got when they saw how monstrous Lila's chunky thighs are, lol!  Ahh, she's such a good eater.  :)  Anyhow, we visited, laughed, played, loved, and cried.  For three days.  And Parker sobbed when we dropped them off at the airport today, love his heart.  I thought I'd share a few "snapshots" with you from our short time together....  

Popaw Pat and his "little man" watching Christmas movies together, of all things!  ;)  Told ya we were in the Christmas spirit here at the Woods house!  lol

Love her expression here.... she makes this face a lot!  And it melts me of course.

"Nammie" (one of the grandkids couldn't say "Grammy" so it stuck) and her 5th granddaughter... Can you believe Parker is the only son/grandson on my side of the family?  Just my boy and a bunch of girly-girls, blech!  ;) 

Right before leaving for the airport.... at least he held it together until they were out of sight!  (Ahem, same goes for me, as always....)

And we took Parker into the backyard this afternoon for a little "mini-session"...  it's for a project that my Mom is working on.  I couldn't help but adore these!!

Apparently he was LOVING my knock-knock jokes today.  Thank goodness!  I thought I'd run out of tricks with this one....  ;)  And last one.... "Progression of a Laugh" I call it.  Now, I dare you not to smile.  :)

I'm back in the office as of this morning (Tuesday).  I've got a slew of emails and voice messages to return, so if you need me, no worries..... I'll be glued to my office chair for the entire day!!!!  :)