Meet my new assistant!

Intern, really, since I'm not paying her.  She's a little bossy and demanding for her first few days on the job, but I think she'll work out just fine.  ;)  I've already got her answering emails for me, and I'll be teaching her all about Photoshop tomorrow.

She takes several lunch breaks, too many potty breaks (both of which require help from her, ahem, manager, of course), and even falls asleep on the job.  Good thing she's cute, otherwise I may have already had to fire her.  :)

Lila has actually been sick for the past few days.  (Which is why she's been at my desk with me!  Sick babies need their Mamas, don't they?)  I believe she's got a tooth (or three) getting ready to burst through.  Love her heart, she's miserable!  Fever, tears, swollen gums and no interest in food -- that last one was my first red flag, LOL!  (This girl loves to eat, as you can tell from these images.)  So, anyhow, Lila has been either on my hip, in the sling, or my lap for the past 36+ consecutive hours.  All the while crying and whimpering and burying her sweet little head into my shoulder.  All I know is, thank goodness for Tylenol and teething tablets.  And those frozen foods and numerous cold things to chew on!  

And, apparently, a Mighty Mouse makes a perfect teether.  Who knew?

Here are the culprits who are making my Lila's life so tough these past few days.  Can you see those itty bitty white spots on her bottom gums?  Amazing how something so tiny can cause such a ruckus.  

So my apologies if you've received a strange email from me (or, um, my rogue assistant) or received an email from me in lieu of a phone call.  Chances are, my child was screaming in the background and I was trying to spare you the trauma.  ;)  I've got a few galleries that are set to go up in the next couple of days, so I had better get back to finishing those up.  Before my assistant tries to pull the midnight shift with me again.  LOL!