Lifestyle: Your Style Mini-Workshop is Back on the Bloom Forum!

I'm slowly easing into work again.  I'm not yet ready to leave my tiny baby girl behind and begin shooting just yet... but I am offering my third installment of Lifestyle: Your Style, a Mini-Workshop for Photographers, over on The Bloom Forum from Monday October 3 to Friday October 14.  You must be a member of The Bloom Forum to participate, and you must live/shoot at least 120 miles away from Tampa Bay in order to be eligible to take the course.  This will be the last mini-workshop I offer in 2011, so jump in now if you're interested! Thirty (30) Active Memberships and ten (10) Silent Memberships will be offered this time around.  Active Members will receive a beautiful ebook filled with the course material, my philosophy on the lifestyle approach, an explanation of my own shooting methods and session techniques, two assignments to complete at your own pace during the course, a client questionnaire sample to help you prequalify your clients, and a couple of other goodies to help you integrate this lifestyle approach into your own work.  Active members can fully participate in the course, submit images for critique and feedback within our private area of the forum, and receive feedback (from myself and the other students) on the assignments submitted.  Each Active Membership is just $200.

Silent Members pay $150, and receive all of the above EXCEPT feedback and critique on images and assignments.  Silent memberships are read-only, no active participation is allowed at this level.  You're still welcome to read and follow along with the class in the forum area, however.

Lifestyle: Your Style is held online and is truly a work-at-your-own-pace opportunity.  You need not be online or logged into the forum every night; nor do I ask you to submit any of your assignments by a certain deadline.  You're free to do the course work at your own leisure during the two weeks we have together.

Seats always fill quickly, so don't wait!  Take the Lifestyle: Your Style Mini-Workshop if you want to discover new techniques to use during your Holiday Family Sessions this Fall.  (We all know you're tired of those forced-smile posed images on the Holiday cards, right?)  We're going to have a blast together.

SO HEAD ON OVER TO THE BLOOM FORUM!  You'll love it... the women there are beyond helpful and so inspiring!  Once you're a member of Bloom, you can register for the mini-workshop right there within the forum.  If you have any questions about the forum itself or about the mini-workshop, let me know.  See you there!

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Lifestyle: Your Style | A Mini-Workshop on The Bloom Forum

Good morning!  I'm excited to announce Round Two of my Mini-Workshop, Lifestyle: Your Style, that is being held online within The Bloom Forum from May 16 through 27.  You must be a member of The Bloom Forum to participate in the course, so GO HERE to sign up if you're not yet a member!  (Or you may click on the Bloom Forum affiliate button at the bottom of my blog.) Want to know what all is included in Lifestyle: Your Style?  Take a look!

Lifestyle Photography Workshop Tampa

You can sign up as either an Active or Silent Member, whichever works best for you.  Active Seats are $200 each and Silent Seats are $150 for the entire two week course.  Silent Members receive all the same materials and assignments as the Active Members, however they will be unable to post their assignment results for my critique in the forum.  It will be a "read-only" workshop for the Silent participants.

Also, this is truly a work-at-your-own-pace course, so don't feel as if you have to be on the forum any particular time each day, or any specific days at all.  Personally, I will be on the forum each evening to give feedback, offer critique and advice, post assignments and answer any questions you might have. I can't wait to meet you.  :)


ETA:  As of Friday, May 13, all active and silent spots are full!  I'm opening up a few more silent memberships if you'd still like to sign on, but you must register by tomorrow (Saturday, May 14)!

ETA:  Wow.  I have no words.  We're more than sold out, and have more amazing photographers than I ever anticipated signing up!  We're about double the size of the first course and I'm more than thrilled at the response.  After chatting with the girls at Bloom, it appears very likely be having another mini-workshop at Bloom later this fall (depends on when my little girl makes her entrance into the world), so please comment below or email me if you'd like to be added to our waitlist.  Thanks so very much, everyone!  Truly, it's an honor.  xxoo