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I want you to meet the tiniest, sweetest, most peaceful baby girl on earth.  Introducing Lucia Mary, whose arrival was a few days late by some standards, but right on time for the only one that really mattered: hers.  She was so good to me for our session, giving me the brightest eyes and mesmerizing eye contact, and then sweet slumber (and smiles!). A little backstory: I lugged in all my "newborn gear": the beanbag, baskets, furs, blankets, the whole nine yards.  But the mood at Lucia's house was so peaceful and relaxed, and I always try to go with my clients' energy and style as much as I can.  Once I started shooting, I really felt comfortable the way the session was leading, and I felt it was best to shoot as simply as possible.  We shot this session very lifestyle-ish, using very few "props" besides a few blankets and her Mommy.  And I loved how it turned out!!  I edited them a little differently as well, just because I felt the black and whites needed a warmer presence.  Anyhow, enough of my musings.  :)  I've been so anxious to get these posted for Lucia's parents; I know they're looking forward to seeing our results from the day.  (Your entire gallery will be ready very soon, but for now, enjoy your sneak peek!  xo)

tampa baby photographer






Lucia has a very proud big sister, and a very curious cousin!  I love these next two!  Such a sweet trio of girls.



Patty, thank you for your patience, and for being such an amazing person, mom, and friend.  All our love to you, Scott and the girls.

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I dearly love photographing newborns.  It's a thrill to meet such a fresh, tiny little person in their first few days of life.  And watching the overjoyed parents with their newly created bundle of sweetness is just as much of a heart-melter for me.  Today I'm introducing you to baby Jake, who charmed me on the spot and was one of the sleepiest babies I've met, to date. jake009





Isn't he just precious?  I can't wait to watch him as he grows.  Congrats, Laura and Zack!


While you're here, go ahead on over to The Creative Mama today.  My article on stylishly displaying family photographs in your home is featured today, and you won't want to miss it!  Lots of inspiration and resources, DIY instructions and how-to's, even a few links for downloadable gallery templates to get your wheels turning!  Don't forget to leave some blog love (a comment) and link up ~ show me your walls!

ella's baby sister

Remember sweet Ella from my post below? _dsc3807bw

Well, she's learning how to be a big sister!  I got to spend the morning with Ella, baby Anna, and their sweet parents recently to photograph them again... only this time, as a brand new family of four.

_dsc4071Aren't they cute snuggled up in the bassinet together??  Ella has the honor of helping to take care of and love on her new little sister for the rest of her life.  Anna is so blessed to have entered this family.

the girls



She is just beyond precious.


We were even able to capture a few of Miss Emilia, Anna's new friend and "part-time sister" who was very curious about these little feet all bundled up.


I'll have lots more for you soon!  Thanks for waiting so patiently for the sneak peek, Damian, Jill, and all the anxious Somers Salon and Spa family!!  Oh, and psst, Lauren, you can stop hitting "refresh" now.  ;)  *mwahh!*

a little change of plans

...sometimes turns out to be a blessing.  I photographed the adorable T. family on a rainy Saturday evening at their beautiful home.  I just loved this session, and this family, weather and all!  And since I'm so behind on the sneak peeks over here, I'm going to do a big share on the blog, just for Alison.  Thanks for your patience!!  :) blog31





t011 Loved this moment with Daddy and his little girl.  I am realizing more and more each day how very much Daddies adore their baby girls.  Although I know it well with my own father (who is still so loving and affectionate, and would do anything for his three "little girls" to this very day), it's something else entirely when you actually have your own husband and your own daughter who share the same bond.  Makes me smile ~ and tear up a bit too ~ when I see it in my clients' eyes.  :)


t003Little man.  :)  He was so good to me and my camera, despite it being almost dinner and night-night time.  What a darling trooper he was!  Just look at that sweet smile.  (And that new tooth about to make its debut!!)

t014And his gorgeous Mama.  I was so drawn to the next image... little thing had gotten hurt and Mama was holding her, consoling her, and making it all better.  Hey, that's what we're known for, right?  "Disappearing" all the hurts away.  Her tears didn't last long, I assure you.  :)

t006_1Thank you for a wonderful evening with your family, Alison.  Thank you for opening up your home to me and allowing me to record these moments for you.  I hope to do it again soon!

just one

I've got a little guy with a fever tonight, so I've a long night ahead.  Think I'll try and get some sleep while I can!  But I wanted to quickly share just one image from a recent baby session...  this little ladybug completely stole my heart.

I'll be back with more from their session tomorrow!  Sweet lil' girl.  :)

Ten pounds of love.

I had the great honor of photographing my dear sweet friend Stacy's newborn a few weeks ago.  She's an extremely talented childrens photographer herself, just amazing.  (She was *one* of the amazing photographers who captured my own newborn just a few months ago!)  And just because Stacy was 5 days post-partum didn't stop her from shooting right along with me, love her heart.  She was up on the bed, down in the floor, camera in hand, snapping that shutter and gasping at her son's beauty.  As was I. And Brody James truly is beautiful...

Yes, folks, you read my title correctly.  I said TEN POUNDS of love.  Ten pounds and 7 ounces to be exact.  And, God love her, she gave birth to him naturally....  naturally, as in NO DRUGS.  None.  Not even a Tylenol.  (Let's all have a moment of silence for this woman!!)  So guess who is my new hero???  :)

Of course I had to get some detail shots...  you know me!

 One of my favorite moments...  a newborn's first bath....

I'll share more in a while.  I'm just getting set back up on my new computer system here and getting back to proofing.  (My PC crashed this week, and after much frustration in trying to fix it, I finally gave up.... and bought myself a shiny new iMac.  :)  Just doing my part to help stimulate the economy, you know.)

she took my breath away...

This sweet girl stole my heart.  She was 6 weeks old and scrumptious in every way.  She was such a trooper for me, and I could have photographed her all day long....  if only she didn't live so far away.  :)

She even slept awhile for me. 

Her favorite place to be was in her mama's arms.  And what a gorgeous mama she has....  dang I wish I looked that fantastic just 6 weeks post-partum.  Ohh, who am I kidding, I wish I looked that fantastic 3 MONTHS post-partum, lol!  ;D

Okay... that one just melts my heart into a big puddle on the floor.  Loooove how they're "holding hands".  *sigh*

The lamb was a sweet surprise from Daddy, who tucked it into her suitcase before she and Mama left.  Precious!  


Couldn't resist that last shot.  :)  Thanks, Angela and Adeline, for a beautiful morning.  I hope you girls enjoy your preview!!  xoxo