Our Lucky Number Seven

Seven years ago this morning, I gave birth to a baby boy.  That baby boy made me a mama.  He made Chris a daddy.  He changed our world.  He helped us learn how to give, how to love more deeply, how to laugh like we didn't even know was possible. stacey woods photographyHe charmed grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  He became the first boy born to any of the Holbrooks since my own father, 51 years prior. He ensured that Chris would be able to pass down the Woods name to the next generation.  He is a wonderful big brother to Lila, and already so caring and protective of his baby sister who is still within my belly.

He is beyond intelligent.  He loves games just like his Daddy did when he was his age.  He is always on the hunt for a good joke, loves his macaroni and cheese, and will wait for "his wave", board in hand, until it appears on the sand in front of him.  His heart is so tender, and he is kind to everyone he knows.

He has continued to change us on a daily basis, teaching us so many things that we never even knew that we didn't know.  He ignited my creative spark and shaped my photography style.  He will never understand how important he has been to all of our lives in the past seven years.

tampa child photographyDearest Parker, I love you so.  I wish you the happiest of birthdays today, sweet boy.  Thank you for making me a mama.

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From time to time I'm lucky enough to turn my lens on old friends.  This post is for Bill and his sweet daughter Noelle.  Bill has been a friend of ours since 1999, and he and his daughter recently visited us from Philadelphia.  It was funny to see our kids playing together on the beach ~ because when Chris and I met Bill more than ten years ago, we were living in PA and complaining about the snow and cold weather.  :)  Real friendships last through new jobs, cross-country moves, relationships, marriages and the births of children.  And they are some of the most loyal and blessed friendships you can ever hope to have. I took just a few minutes one morning to grab a few images of their close daddy-daughter bond, and I couldn't help but smile behind the camera as I was watching them together.  I simply asked them to play together for a few minutes, and this is what I had the good fortune of seeing from behind my lens...





amato009And maybe my favorite image of the day....

amato006 Just melts my heart.  He's so good with her, and she obviously adores him in return.  Bill and Noelle, thank you for flying in to see us for Chris' birthday.  It made his day, and ours.  Miss you all!!