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I got a phone call when I was just two or three minutes from the park.  I could hear the disappointment in Brittany's voice.  My clients had already arrived at our location, and they were calling me in dismay.  It seems that there was an outdoor concert getting ready to start at the park that they had chosen to hold their family photo session... and there were crowds of people forming already.  I said a quick prayer and then headed on over, hoping that we could beat the crowds.  My clients had a brick engraved with their family's names on it, placed down by the riverwalk.  They took their little girl to this park often, and it was very special to them.  And if you know me, I love to incorporate familiar and meaningful places into my family photo sessions, and I certainly didn't want to disappoint them by having to move to another park instead.  I was hopeful. So I pulled out my trusty 85mm lens, and we stayed toward the edges of the crowds.  Thankfully, the concert-goers were all gathering in the sunniest spots on the lawn, which I wanted to avoid anyway.  I assured Jack and Brittany that all would be well, that we could stay after all, and we began shooting.

I am excited to share these images with you, not only because I adore this family (this is my fourth session with them), but because I'm excited to show them the results of our session amidst a crowd of a hundred plus people, in the middle of downtown Tampa.

© Stacey Woods Photography 2011

© Stacey Woods 2011Doesn't she look like she's the only little girl in the entire park?  There was a line of concert-goers walking behind her, camera left, just outside the frame.

© Stacey Woods 2011And there were three other people frolicking in the fountain nearby.  ;)

© Stacey Woods Photography 2011

© Stacey Woods 2011Sunlight + water = a happy child!  (And backlight + a gorgeous little girl playing in a fountain = a very happy photographer!)

© Stacey Woods Photo 2011 What hundred extra people, you say?!  Right.  It's all about working with what you have, and I'd say we got dealt a beautiful hand, packed concert and all!  Thanks so much, Jack, Brittany and Lena, for a lovely night at the park!  I truly enjoyed every minute of it (well, except the lovebugs!), and I hope you did too.  xo

their gifts to me

I love sessions like this. They were waiting in the window for me when I pulled into their driveway.  Mom said they had been looking forward to our session all week long.  They gathered clam shells and wildflowers, bird feathers, rocks and treebark, and stuffed them into my hands before I left.  Precious gifts to me.  Brandon hugged me at least eight times before I left, and Gracie offered me one of her beloved silly bandz.  I think it might have been the elusive glow-in-the-dark variety too, so what an honor that was!  I am a lucky photographer, indeed.  :)

This is such a sweet family, and I'm blessed to enjoy my second session with them.  Ever-welcoming, warm, and delightful in every way.  I melted more than once while editing their gallery images, and I'm sure you will too once you see how darling these kids are.


safety harbor family photographerThis year, their session was held at their home, and I loved their energy together.  I was able to be there to document storytime, snuggling, a fun (and funny) game of UNO, romping in the backyard, kisses in abundance, and the most gorgeous sunset ~ right from adirondack chairs in their backyard, which overlooked the water.  It's a joy to witness this type of connection between family members... documenting it with my camera is even more of a blessing to me.  Yet another gift from this family.

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And a couple of sweet, most-absolute-favorite images I couldn't bear to leave out...

family photography in tampa

modern kids photos tampaThat last one has me melting all over again.  Reminiscing about their session last year.  Thinking about a quote I recently read: 

"We do not remember days... we remember moments."  ~Cesare Pevase

Thank you so much for waiting patiently for your sneak peek, Bruce and Lisa.  I just adore your babies, as sweet as they are, and it's always a pleasure spending time with you.  I'll have your entire gallery ready for you soon, so get ready!  :)


Small "housekeeping" note:  I will have Holiday Mini-Sessions finalized and announced by Monday!  I'm booking regular sessions well into late October and November at this time, so if you want your photo shoot to take place before Christmas (and in time for Holiday print delivery) be sure to call right away to get on my schedule.  It's a crazy one this year!  :)  Thanks much!