Umm, wow. Thank you!!

I just took a quick look at my calendar and I can't believe how blessed I am.  I've been booked solid for October, and only have about three dates open in November.  Three!  My goodness.  THANK YOU ALL, so very very much, for entrusting your memories to me and this eye of mine.... and for BOOKING EARLY THIS YEAR!!  :)  It has been a very hectic couple of months, I have to admit, as I've come back from maternity leave to a jam-packed calendar.  Christmas sessions, maternity and family sessions, and fresh newborns... I can't even begin to thank you all for your business and for your patience as I continue to crank out galleries as fast as possible.  I've got several orders which have arrived this week that I will be shipping right back out, and lots of orders recently placed which should be back in a couple of weeks as well.  And just as many proofing galleries out, which are hopefully being salivated over by those clients.  ;)   That said, if you wish to book a session with me in November, please remember I have only 3 spots left.  First-come, first-served!  Also remember that THE LAST DAY TO ORDER FOR *GUARANTEED* CHRISTMAS DELIVERY IS NOVEMBER 1.  Orders placed after that date will be processed as quickly as possible, of course, but pre-Christmas delivery cannot be guaranteed at that point.

Okay... enough jabbering.  Now on to some photos!!  

This is one of my favorite families, and I've seen them three times this year already.  They get even more gorgeous each and every time I see them.....

Love the red cast on Brynne's arm....  good thing Daddy's a surgeon and fixed her right up!

I always love the soft pinkish light in her room.  And her sweet expressions do not disappoint!

This next one is a heart-melter...  just love the proud look on big sister's face.  :)  Guess who is 6 months old now?  Gosh how time flies....


Of course I had to grab some detail shots.... you know me and my penchant for photographing baby-toes.  :)

I just loooved all of that chub.......

Some well-deserved snuggle time with Mommy....  who, I just realized while proofing, reminds me a little bit of Carrie Underwood!  (Can you believe this beautiful woman just had a baby 6 months ago?!  Doesn't she look fabulous?)

Aaaaand then it was naptime.  :)