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I have begun these little Encouragement Books for my children, at the advice of a wonderful guest speaker who gave the message to my church last Sunday.  The sermon was titled, "The Gift", and it emphasized encouraging, listening to, and appreciating those around you.  Dr. Barry Banther suggested that we take a few minutes each day to write some encouraging words in a small notebook, to give as a gift to that person when they need it most.  I mean, honestly, how many times have you had a terrible day, and really just needed to know that someone really appreciated you and all your hard work? clearwater lifestyle photographyWell, Dr. Banther's message has stayed with me through last week and into this one.  But it wasn't until a few days ago that I started flipping through my calendar because I had just photographed little Olivia and her parents, whose last name was also Banther.  I wondered to myself if they might be related, but casually brushed it off.  After all, Pinellas County is so large and what are the chances, right?  ;)  Well, curiosity eventually got the better of me and I clicked on my client's website link in one of his emails to me.  And what do you know?  Little Olivia is Dr. Banther's granddaughter.


tampa baby portraits

I can safely bet that this sweet little girl will have her very own Encouragement Book (or nine), judging from the adoring way her parents beheld her (and grandparents, too, I'm sure!).  This is often why I prefer holding newborn lifestyle photo sessions in the comfort of my clients' home ~ everyone is relaxed, they can truly be themselves, and life is real.  The photographs always reflect that, and I love the results.

tarpon-springs-newborn-photographer1Olivia has more love surrounding her than I can even describe, and it was a joy to listen to her parents softly whisper and sweet-talk into her ear as they fed her, held her, rocked her, and gazed into her eyes.tampa-newborn-photos

newborn photography tampa

I am so happy I met this family (in more ways than one)!  And I cannot wait to watch Miss Olivia grow into a strong, confident, beautiful girl because of all the love and encouragement she will receive during her sweet lifetime.  We should all be so blessed. Love~


into open arms | tampa bay newborn photographer

I have no doubt that Joshua entered this world into anxious, joyful arms.  That he is surrounded by love and admiration, and is adored by many.  I had the pleasure of photographing him at the ripe old age of three weeks.  :)  With two parents who obviously are very much in love, I wonder where Joshua's favorite place to be is?? anderson023

In his parents' arms, of course.  And I don't think you'll hear them complaining.  ;)




Loved the sweet curve of his back, and the way the light fell across it.




Can you get over this peace sign he's throwing me here?  Ha!


Megan and John, I hope you enjoy your gallery.  It was my honor to photograph your baby boy for you.

the finest of products

Here at Stacey Woods Photography, I strive to only provide the absolute best quality (and the most beautiful!) products to my amazing clients.  I  want your experience with me to be wonderful and memorable, and I want you to love your albums and images for years to come.  That said, I have some gorgeous new albums and products to offer you this fall!  Take a peek.  :) maternity pres box

maternity pres box

My Maternity Keepsake Box.  Perfect for those clients who have limited wall space, or who choose to save that premium wall space for their upcoming newborn session!  ;)  This box includes 10 matted prints which you can display in several frames, rotate your presentation on an easel, or store in the gorgeous box on your nightstand table or in the baby's room.  These albums, and the following products, are created by Cypress Albums, a fabulous vendor with whom I'm honored to work.  Each of these products are individually handcrafted in a bindery; the mats are handcut, as are the fabrics.  My clients will have their choice of breathtaking Japanese bookbinding fabrics and Swiss ribbons to customize their own album or presentation box.


Above right and below are my new Heirloom Folios.  These folios enclose two matted 5x7 prints, and also can be customized with your choice of fabric and ribbon.  The sweet little folio with the pink bow above is one of the items you'll receive with your Digital Collection!  You'll also receive a matching presentation box (photos to follow later of that box!) containing a 5x7 print of each image.  Again, your choice of fabric and ribbon so that you can coordinate with your baby's nursery decor, grandma's living room, and the colors of your own home.  Genius, no?

CD folio

the folio

Don't forget to ask about these items at your fall or winter session!  I will bring samples and swatches so we can get the perfect match for your display area.  And more samples are on their way to my doorstep, of the Heirloom Album and Heirloom Image Boxes!

Just to show you how amazing Cypress products are, take a look at this video created at the Cypress bindery.  You will see the work and involvement that goes into every piece of art that they release.  I'm so excited to offer these gorgeous albums to my fantastic clients!

precious little man

I got the chance to meet Aiden, the sweetest little newborn this past week... he was 8 days old and absolutely perfect.  Such a good sleeper for me too.  See for yourself... smile


detailsYou know me... I have to capture those details, no matter how tiny they are!


And I have to give credit to Daddy here, who came up with the idea of the next pair of images.  I can't wait to see these hanging side by side in their new home!  What a blessed little boy Aiden is to have such amazing parents who very obviously adore him.  I can't stress it enough ~ I love this wonderful job of mine!


Just before the end of the session, Grandma took her turn holding her first grandchild...  in the rocking chair that her grandfather built to rock her father to sleep as a baby...  who rocked her to sleep in it, and she eventually rocked her daughter (Aiden's Mama) in this chair as well.  So, this little fella is the fourth generation of babies to be lulled to sleep in this very special rocker.  Now... how amazing and sentimental is that?!  And of course, it worked like a charm.  After some warm milk and a sway or two, he was out...  sound asleep in his Grandma's arms.


Nicole and Jeff, congratulations on your beautiful baby boy, and thank you for sharing your morning with me.  I can't wait to show you the rest of your gallery ~ you're going to just love the rest!


What a sweet little love he was.  And I truly mean little.  This guy was just 5 lbs 8 oz when he was born!  So tiny and sweet.  And SUCH a good sleeper at 7 days old.  We got some great variety in their session... some images on the beanbag, sleeping in a basket or two, a few in his Mama and Daddy's arms, and even with his big fur brother, Haven.  It was a perfect session!  I can't wait to design their album. beckam1



He was 3 weeks early, and still covered with lanugo hair.  Are you melting yet??  :)


Cannot resist teeny-tiny baby toes!  It was all I could do NOT to kiss them at the session.  LOL!



Makes me so happy to see this much love for these tiny miracles.  And isn't Mom just beautiful?  This is exactly one week after giving birth, too.  Amazing.


Loved, absolutely loved, this moment with Daddy.  Those tiny dark eyes, that dramatic light, and the little creases under Beckham's eyes (trait of a fresh newborn!) that will all-too-soon fill out with baby-chub.


Last but not least (and this could be my most FAVORITE image from the morning)... is this not the sweetest doggie face you've ever seen??  Love that.


Thank you, Ryan and Lacy, for sharing your morning with me.  I can't wait to watch your sweet boy grow this year!

the "newborn shoot" that didn't happen.

Baby Lena had a tough way to go during her first few days of life, and consequently had to spend quite a bit of time in the hospital during the "ideal" newborn shoot timeframe.  Tsk, tsk, priorities, priorities, lol!  ;)  But I'm so glad that Lena's mama contacted me a few weeks ago to inquire about a shoot for her.  After all, babies never stop growing, no matter how much you wish they would.  She'll never be this little ever again!

Mom really wanted a basket shot, and I desperately wanted to give it to her!  The basket shot typically looks best if the baby is asleep.  But guess what... Lena is actually 3 months old!  Not quite a sleepy newborn anymore!  But that's okay.  I have more patience and stamina than just about any baby around... so, we simply waited her out!  Sweet girl put up a real good fight, but in the end... guess who won.  :)

Let me tell you, once she was out... she was OUT.  We were even able to move her to the beanbag for some sleepy shots there!  After I gently eased her into the last position, she popped her pretty blue eyes open as if to say, "I don't think so, lady!"  ;)  

Love her heart!  :)  Brittany and Jack, I'm so honored to have been able to preserve this time for you.  You've been blessed with such a sweet little girl, and I'm so lucky to have met her.... and you!

xo, Stacey


Oh, and yes I'm completely aware that my logo stamp is very different in all the above images.  Call me indecisive, but I'm feeling the need for something new!  Bear with me while I experiment.  ;)

just one

I've got a little guy with a fever tonight, so I've a long night ahead.  Think I'll try and get some sleep while I can!  But I wanted to quickly share just one image from a recent baby session...  this little ladybug completely stole my heart.

I'll be back with more from their session tomorrow!  Sweet lil' girl.  :)

two of a kind. the best kind.

I have been itching to post a sneak peek of my first newborn TWIN session!  Here are a few (who am I kidding.... here are a LOT), then I have to keep the rest under wraps for Mama and Daddy's gallery....  soon, guys!  Almost there.  :)

Camille and Ashton.  Just 6 days old.  The sweetest, sleepiest, bendiest, most-perfect little darlings.  And Mama took them full-term.  :)  How awesome is SHE?!

This sweet little Ivory Soap box was just lying in their sunroom, begging me to put it to use.  Much obliged!  And I HAD to use this fresh-picked cotton, what a find!  I think *someone* (ahem) might have jumped a fence in Mississippi (hmm, maybe Alabama?) to sneak this home with them.  ;)  And I'm so glad y'all did, LOL!  I love it behind them here...

Guess who's not the baby anymore?  ;)  I love the above-right shot!  Sweet little doggie... he seemed to want so badly to be included in all the fun... and how could I resist?!

Sweet story:  no matter how we positioned them, they always wiggled in and found each other and snuggled right back up together.  It was absolutely heart-melting to watch!

Thanks Chris and Monique, for a beautiful morning with your gorgeous babies.  Your sweet family is so very blessed!!!  xoxo