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I am launching a gallery for this sweet family tonight, and I felt compelled to share a favorite image here while I finish up.  This photograph just makes me anticipate the arrival of my own little one, that much more.  Sweet light... sweet mama... sweet scrunchy newborn.  It was one of those in-between moments when he was fussing just slightly, and Jen was gently soothing him.  It was a moment that makes me happy that I could capture it. photo of a mother and baby in black and whiteI promise I have a lot more to share... soon.



McKenna Claire | Tampa Newborn Photography

As I sit here listening to the rain, my little girl is napping in her room.  A few minutes ago I snuggled with her, read her favorite book, and stroked her blond pigtails as she gently closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.  It seems like it was only a few short months ago that I was rocking her as a newborn, and stroking her dark hair as she closed her eyes. Makes me so wistful to have those days back... especially when I am working on images from a recent newborn session.  McKenna was probably my sleepiest baby to date... at just a few days old, she slept the entire time I was at her home, except for the last 15 minutes.  Her family could not have been more overjoyed with her!  Sometimes, when I'm shooting, I'll sneak a peek at Mom and Dad (and Grandma and Grandpa, if they're there), and it's such a wonderful feeling to watch them smiling in adoration at their tiniest little creation, lying there peacefully in front of my camera.  McKenna is going to be loved beyond compare, I'm certain of that!

tampa baby pictures

black and white newborn photography

tampa newborn photographer

clearwater lifestyle photographerSee what I mean?  She's adored already.  :)

lifestyle newborn photography tampa

tampa newborn photographerThank you, sweet S family, for indulging me and letting me spend the morning with you and your sweetest new addition.  Your entire gallery will be ready soon; I could barely close the folder when I went in to get your sneak peek ready!


I had the honor of photographing this sweet baby boy under one of my favorite piers here on the Gulf Coast.  I thought it was only fitting to document him near the waves, given his name and how important the water is to his parents.  Introducing little Ocean, photographed at just ten days old. . . _dsc0295d





And a few taken at his home. . .  what sweet love surrounds him.






Thank you, Billie and Doug, for waiting so patiently for your sneak peek!  I hope you love the images.  I've got lots more where these came from, but of course we have to leave some surprises for your gallery.  ;)  I'll have the rest of your photographs ready for you to view this week!


I also have a quick bit of info to share:  I am holding my first-ever "casting call" for newborn models, preferably under 3 weeks of age.

The requirements are as follows:

~newborns with dark skin

~model release must be signed, and images will/may be used for local gallery display (inquire for details)

~singletons and multiples all welcome

~shoot must take place within the Tampa Bay area at your home or other location of Stacey's choice

If you and your baby/babies are selected to participate, you will receive a complimentary photo session and print credit.  Sessions are limited.  Please inquire for further details if you are currently expecting or have a brand new baby, or if you know someone who fits the bill.  Feel free to pass this link on!  You may call 727.698.0344 or  email me at for more information, or to be considered.  Include a snapshot if you like.  I can't wait to meet you!


Thanks as always!  And stay tuned for lots more images from the pier.

A love letter.....

Dearest Coco,   Oh how I adore you.  Thank you for being so sleepy and wonderful and squishy and bendy for our session.  You were a treat to photograph, as were your beautiful parents.  In your beautiful house.  

Give your wonderful, adoring family a big HUG from me for being so well-prepared for our little session together, and for having such amazing built-in props there, just waiting for me to take advantage of them....  :)

And for your Mama being sweet enough to GIVE ME that gorgeous cocoon we snuggled you up in for awhile.  The one that you apparently loved, because you slept so peacefully inside it!I know you'll never wonder for a single second if you are loved.  Because you will be smothered in kisses for the rest of your life.... I'm quite certain of that.  :)  You are surrounded by love, little one!

Hope to see you soon, sweet baby girl.  You were truly the highlight of my week.

Love, Your Smitten Photographer  :) 

Ten pounds of love.

I had the great honor of photographing my dear sweet friend Stacy's newborn a few weeks ago.  She's an extremely talented childrens photographer herself, just amazing.  (She was *one* of the amazing photographers who captured my own newborn just a few months ago!)  And just because Stacy was 5 days post-partum didn't stop her from shooting right along with me, love her heart.  She was up on the bed, down in the floor, camera in hand, snapping that shutter and gasping at her son's beauty.  As was I. And Brody James truly is beautiful...

Yes, folks, you read my title correctly.  I said TEN POUNDS of love.  Ten pounds and 7 ounces to be exact.  And, God love her, she gave birth to him naturally....  naturally, as in NO DRUGS.  None.  Not even a Tylenol.  (Let's all have a moment of silence for this woman!!)  So guess who is my new hero???  :)

Of course I had to get some detail shots...  you know me!

 One of my favorite moments...  a newborn's first bath....

I'll share more in a while.  I'm just getting set back up on my new computer system here and getting back to proofing.  (My PC crashed this week, and after much frustration in trying to fix it, I finally gave up.... and bought myself a shiny new iMac.  :)  Just doing my part to help stimulate the economy, you know.)