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I don't know about you, but there is something about Polaroid images that just takes me back to my childhood.  They always remind me of my Popaw Deb and his ever-ready Polaroid cameras.  I think half my life has been documented one 3.5 x 4.25" square at a time.  I can remember pouring over boxes and baskets full of Polaroid squares every time we'd visit Momaw and Popaw's house. bikes_willardky-83

I think this photo was taken in 1982 or so... I was about 5 years old here.  This was at the edge of my grandparents' driveway, because that's their camper behind us.  I'm on the blue bike (far right), my sister Amy is riding the CHiPs motorcycle (anyone remember that show?!) and our friend and neighbor is riding my Dukes of Hazzard big-wheel with the hand-brake by the rear wheel (I loved that thing!).  Ahh, good times!  :)  (PS, hey Brandy Johnson, if you ever read this, email me and I'll send you a copy of this photo!)  :)

I got an email several mornings ago announcing that The Impossible Project was releasing their first production of instant film packs. And it's black and white film!  I am beyond excited and ordered a couple of boxes of PX100 to try it out.  I snapped a few of them recently at the Tampa Museum of Art with friends, as you can see below.  The freshly exposed prints are extremely sensitive to light (and are bright blue as soon as they come out of the camera!), so you can see that the one on the right has exposed a little bit brighter on the bottom half, where it exited the camera first.  I love how the edges are all watery-looking and that there are spots and streaks all over.  So much fun!


As some of you know, I've taken quite a love for Polaroid lately, and have a couple vintage Polaroids here at home that I shoot with as often as I can (and when I can keep film in stock!).  It's quite a difference from shooting digitally, but I truly love my little vintage SX-70 and the charming square photographs she gives me.  (These were shot with plain old 600 film + a ND filter taped over the film cartridge.)


"Coming and Going."  Story of a toddler's life I'd say, wouldn't you?  :)



I brought my Polaroid camera to a recent birthday that I photographed for a repeat client, since I knew in advance that they'd have lots of antique toys as the theme of the party, and they might appreciate my newest vintage obsession.  ;)   As I'd hoped, they had a lovely display of memorabilia and toys (most of them I recognized from my own childhood ~ boy does that ever make you feel your age!).  Combine that with some beautiful window light, and I couldn't resist photographing them with my Polaroid as well as my digital (you can see my other images from their session here).


My sweet Chris got me a pack or two of Time Zero film for Christmas, and I've had a blast playing with it too.  Love the cyan tones that are characteristic of this film.



I also just bought a Holga (yes, the $30 plastic toy camera) and some medium-format film, and I can't wait to play with it and discover all its light leaks and vignettes and blurriness. I hope to share those with you soon too, just for fun!

Anyhow, I've been meaning to share these with y'all for the longest time.  My stack of Polaroid prints is getting quite tall, and I've got lots more to scan in, still.  I've stocked up on lots more film and it really helps me to shoot something a little bit different, just for me, every now and then.  Obviously, with its manual focus, it's a lot easier to photograph things that cannot run away from you (ahem) than it is to chase toddlers with a Polaroid in tow.  So although I might not make it to every session with my SX-70, I certainly might bring it to a few sessions and give my clients a little vintage keepsake every once in a while.  :)

Hope you've enjoyed, and Happy Monday everyone!