two of a kind. the best kind.

I have been itching to post a sneak peek of my first newborn TWIN session!  Here are a few (who am I kidding.... here are a LOT), then I have to keep the rest under wraps for Mama and Daddy's gallery....  soon, guys!  Almost there.  :)

Camille and Ashton.  Just 6 days old.  The sweetest, sleepiest, bendiest, most-perfect little darlings.  And Mama took them full-term.  :)  How awesome is SHE?!

This sweet little Ivory Soap box was just lying in their sunroom, begging me to put it to use.  Much obliged!  And I HAD to use this fresh-picked cotton, what a find!  I think *someone* (ahem) might have jumped a fence in Mississippi (hmm, maybe Alabama?) to sneak this home with them.  ;)  And I'm so glad y'all did, LOL!  I love it behind them here...

Guess who's not the baby anymore?  ;)  I love the above-right shot!  Sweet little doggie... he seemed to want so badly to be included in all the fun... and how could I resist?!

Sweet story:  no matter how we positioned them, they always wiggled in and found each other and snuggled right back up together.  It was absolutely heart-melting to watch!

Thanks Chris and Monique, for a beautiful morning with your gorgeous babies.  Your sweet family is so very blessed!!!  xoxo