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I have begun these little Encouragement Books for my children, at the advice of a wonderful guest speaker who gave the message to my church last Sunday.  The sermon was titled, "The Gift", and it emphasized encouraging, listening to, and appreciating those around you.  Dr. Barry Banther suggested that we take a few minutes each day to write some encouraging words in a small notebook, to give as a gift to that person when they need it most.  I mean, honestly, how many times have you had a terrible day, and really just needed to know that someone really appreciated you and all your hard work? clearwater lifestyle photographyWell, Dr. Banther's message has stayed with me through last week and into this one.  But it wasn't until a few days ago that I started flipping through my calendar because I had just photographed little Olivia and her parents, whose last name was also Banther.  I wondered to myself if they might be related, but casually brushed it off.  After all, Pinellas County is so large and what are the chances, right?  ;)  Well, curiosity eventually got the better of me and I clicked on my client's website link in one of his emails to me.  And what do you know?  Little Olivia is Dr. Banther's granddaughter.


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I can safely bet that this sweet little girl will have her very own Encouragement Book (or nine), judging from the adoring way her parents beheld her (and grandparents, too, I'm sure!).  This is often why I prefer holding newborn lifestyle photo sessions in the comfort of my clients' home ~ everyone is relaxed, they can truly be themselves, and life is real.  The photographs always reflect that, and I love the results.

tarpon-springs-newborn-photographer1Olivia has more love surrounding her than I can even describe, and it was a joy to listen to her parents softly whisper and sweet-talk into her ear as they fed her, held her, rocked her, and gazed into her eyes.tampa-newborn-photos

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I am so happy I met this family (in more ways than one)!  And I cannot wait to watch Miss Olivia grow into a strong, confident, beautiful girl because of all the love and encouragement she will receive during her sweet lifetime.  We should all be so blessed. Love~