Why Photography?

Today I'm sharing over on The Creative Mama, as I often do.  Being co-editor and co-owner of such a wonderful online community is such a joy for me.  At the very least, it's a lock that I must write something either useful/informative (such as a tutorial) or something therapeutic for my heart (and hopefully yours) at least once a month.  No matter if I get the chance to share in such a way here on my own blog or not.  (Oh SWP blog, I promise to keep you updated very soon!)Anyhow, if you're inclined to know a few of the reasons why I shoot, why I'm a photographer in the first place, and why I keep clicking even on days that get the better of me.... then head on over here to have a quick read.

stacey woods photographerIn the meantime, this little girl here is one of the main reasons why I keep shooting.  This sweet girl, her older brother, her soon-to-be-born baby sister, and their amazing Daddy are what makes my heart beat, and they are why I will continue to document and preserve.  At the very least, our family's story must be told, and must be shared with future generations someday.

That's pretty important, don't you think?

xo, friends.