This and That... More or Less.

I have started many a blog entry recently, only to save it to drafts and never finish it... then I'd come back and restart a new post... save that one to draft, etc.  And guess how many I've actually published?  ;)  I think I've gotten a little bogged down with various projects and different things, birthday parties and company, Spring Break (oh my word that one crept up on me while I wasn't looking!).  And as is the case with most of us creative-types, it becomes hard to focus sometimes.  Do you ever feel that way?  The last few weeks have seemed to transform from all-the-time-in-the-world to not-a-minute-left-for-this-or-that instead.  And that has left me a little wispy I think. So tonight's blog post is going to be a mish-mash of things until I can properly put my head on straight and write from the heart the way I like to.  Which I hope will be before the end of this week!  Whew.


April is almost over, and I've only got a few more dates in May left open for sessions.  Most of the weekends are booked up already, but I do have some weekday sessions available if you'd like to go that route.  With the days beginning earlier (or rather, with the sun coming up earlier in the mornings), I typically start my sessions around 8am or so if we're going to be outdoors, to take advantage of the soft, pleasing "golden hour" of course.  This longer day also means that I am able to shoot later in the evening and catch this beautiful light softly glowing around you.  I realize that this might not work so well for a few toddlers, but it should be perfect for seniors and most family sessions ~ yes, those of you whose children do not melt down between the "witching hours" of 4pm and 6pm like my own kiddos do.  ;)  Some days, there isn't enough Starbucks in the world to help get me through those two hours with the miniature drama queen in my house.



I will be out of the office beginning Wednesday, May 5, and returning Monday, May 10.  I'll be attending An Extraordinary Workshop, because I firmly believe in constantly furthering one's education, no matter what career path you've chosen.  There is always, always, something to be learned in a creative field (and in any business, I feel).  To be honest, I am going to love spending some time with a few fellow photographers and especially my sweet friend Joyce!

Attending the workshop also means that I'm leaving my children (overnight!) for two nights in a row.  *Gasp.*  I've left Parker with Chris, for a couple of nights, just once.  But I was pregnant with Lila then so it really wasn't all that hard for him to handle.  I do feel a bit sorry for Chris now though, since has to watch Parker AND Lila this time, and for two nights and three days...  School drop off.  School pickup.  Daycare dropoff.  Daycare pickup.  Breakfasts, lunches, dinners.  Bedtimes.  Potty-trips.  Boo-boos.  Tantrums.  Morning rush.  Bless his heart...  I'm sure he'd appreciate it greatly if you sent up a prayer or two for him, and maybe moreso if you actually dropped off a cold beverage (or four) by the house while I'm gone.  ;)


This little fella turned six last week, as you know.  My heart is reeling, but so proud of the big boy he's becoming.  We got some AMAZINGLY EXCITING NEWS this afternoon in the mail that made us want to jump up and down and call every family member we have.  Which we practically did!  He's been evaluated twice now for the Gifted Program, and so far has blown through the tests, and we're beyond impressed and amazed at his IQ and his level altogether.  It was such a blessing for me to sit and talk to the district's psychologist this evening, about Parker's intelligence and his learning methods, and to actually think "Wow, my kid really IS as smart as I think he is."  Of course, we, as parents, tend to think that our children are the smartest, the best, the prettiest, the sweetest, the funniest, the best in sports, etc.  But to actually hear some of the same phrases you've said to yourself over the years, come from the mouth of a "Professional"... well, it's just an honor to be given the privilege of raising an exceptional child like this.  Parker got to choose the restaurant this afternoon (ahem, Skyline Chili of course), because he "passed his test" or so he put it.  I told him that he had gotten some pretty great scores on a test, and that it meant that he could be anything he dreamed of being when he grew up.  An astronaut, a doctor, a scientist, a surgeon....  He asked me what exactly a surgeon was, and I told him that it was a kind of doctor who could open up a heart, for example, and put it back together the right way, so that the person would be healed, and be healthy again.  And do you have any idea what he said?  "So, I can fix Momaw."  (My grandma has congestive heart failure, among numerous other health issues, and Parker always remembers her being on oxygen when we visit her in Kentucky.  My other grandma had breast cancer a few years ago, and although she's thankfully cancer-free now, Parker told me that he wanted to "fix her too".)

I thought I was proud of Parker for his gift of intelligence, but truly, the gift that I'm proudest of is his kind, caring heart.  I could not have been more proud of him at that moment. My heart nearly burst.


And finally, a quick share from a recent session with the always-delightful Lena and her amazing parents.  I promise to devote a full post to this family a bit later, but I know that her parents are just dying to see a preview of our playdate together!





That's it for now!  I'm off to bed, before the sun comes up and catches me.  ;)