Hey! So glad you made it over to my new blog. Isn't it gorgeous?! I'm thrilled with it. I've got drop-down links, a pretty new background, a banner slideshow up top here, and the best part??? I can upload these gigantic, mouth-watering images now, instead of those tiny crunched-up photos I was limited to before. I'm over the moon! :)

I'm so thankful to Ashley Jankowski, who worked with me to customize this beautiful blog here. I highly recommend her company if you're looking to tidy up your own blog, or even if you're starting from scratch. She was absolutely wonderful to work with! I think she's got a waiting list, so hurry up and get on it!! :)

Don't forget, you can sign up to get an email every time I post something new to the blog! All you have to do is click on "newsletter" in the above menu bar, and type your email address in. A quick confirmation back, and you're done! Go ahead, be a blog-stalker.... all the cool kids are doing it. ;) Hey, and remember to leave me some blog-love by posting a comment below!

Finally, if you can believe it.... it's time to start thinking about the Holidays already! I'll be opening up my holiday calendar later on this week. I'll post here in the blog when I have the dates and locations firmed up. AND I'll give you a sneak peek of the fabulous card line for 2008! Stay tuned......