A bit of a facelift.

A few quick updates for those who follow my blog (yes, all three of you, lol!)

You might notice some little changes here and there on my website and blog! My awesome designer, Eva Talley, has just finished customizing my splash page and the homepage slideshow on my site. Just wanted to make my branding consistent throughout my work! My site's colors are darker to match my branding and design, and a few of my logo and design elements from my business cards, trifold brochures, postcards, etc. have been added as well. Some gallery images have been changed and updated too. And NEXT up will be my NEW BLOG... to be unveiled soon! Keep your eye on this blog, though, for updates on that project. My new blog will have a different web address so you will need to change your bookmarks on down the road. But no worries, I'll let you know when I get everything ready to show off! :) I'm excited!!

Another tidbit is that the Stacey Woods Photography website address is now www.staceywoodsphoto.com. I used to have a different web address (staceywoodsphotography.net), and believe me, if you type it in your browser, it'll still getcha there! ;) However I've removed it from all my marketing pieces, just so there won't be any confusion... there is another photographer with my same name and a similar website address (in another country though!) and I've had some clients go to her website by mistake. Nope, that's not me! :) So, just to ease the confusion and make it easier on y'all (and the other photographer who, love her heart, receives a bunch of emails intended for me!), I just changed my web address. Easy as pie, right? :) Right.

Also, just because I've been asked about this a lot recently, the gorgeous cello music you hear on my website is by the amazing Shaun Paul, and is titled "Footprints In The Sand". You can click on his website and order his CDs if you want! Or, you can just log on to my site and hang out there looking at my galleries and listening to my music for hours. :) Which I KNOW that some of y'all do! Hey, I check my web stats, okay?! ;) And I love it, I promise!

Lastly, I'm finishing up my final sessions before I sit the rest of the summer out waiting on my precious little girl to arrive (just 4-1/2 weeks until my due date!). To my sweet (and oh-so patient) clients, the last of my outstanding session galleries will be up by the end of the week, if you haven't had them published already. AND I've got a TON of print orders that are due here by Thursday and Friday, so watch your mailboxes and doorsteps for print deliveries very very soon!

Okay, that's it... back to work!