COMING SOON ON THE CREATIVE MAMA | tampa child photographer

As most of you know, I'm a monthly contributor to The Creative Mama, a blog that is near and dear to my heart.  Last year, Angie approached me about writing a featured article during her "For The Love of Photography" week.  I was thrilled to participate, and I absolutely loved working with her.  To my excitement, she asked me to come on board and write on a regular basis, and with that, I joined the magnificent team of truly inspirational women who make up The Creative Mama. This year's "The Creative Photographer" series promises to be just as fabulous as last year, with inspiring contributors such as Deb Schwedhelm (her work just drips with raw emotion, and I'm blessed to be able to call her my friend), Jose Villa (THE single most amazing film/wedding photographer on the planet), Joyce Smith (how I adore her and everything she touches; can't wait to see Joyce at her workshop this weekend!), Sarah Lane (really wonderful work, especially her senior sessions!), Brenda Acuncius (ahem, I may or may not have arranged marriages between her two gorgeous children and mine... just sayin'), Leigh Taylor (super stylish wedding and relationship photography; I had the pleasure of meeting Leigh and her family a few years ago), the lovely team at Luxecetera (I always sing their praises; they designed my branding for me!), and lots more fun stuff to be announced soon.  I've had the chance to meet most of the photographers (and designers) on this impressive list, and would love to meet the rest of them someday (Jose, are you listening?)!  ;)  I know that you'll be blown away when you see their work and read the words from their heart.  Go, now, and bookmark The Creative Mama site, subscribe to the RSS, and make sure to come back and read what Angie has in store for everyone this year!


And if you'd like to read my latest featured article on The Creative Mama, you can go here.  Between the article and the glorious links above, you might be glued to your desk chair for a few days.  I've warned you.  ;)  Happy Reading, folks!