The luckiest girl.

So the number 8 is supposed to be very lucky, right?  According to Chinese lore.  Well, Marlow (isn't that the sweetest name?!) must be the luckiest baby in Tampa Bay.  She was born on 08.08.08.  And just take a guess at her birth weight?!  Drumroll here.....  8 lbs, 8 oz.  :)  I love it!

I don't know who is luckier... Marlow, or her sweet family.  They clearly are blessed beyond measure.  Just take a look at all this love.....



And you know me... I have to sneak some detail shots in.  ;)  I love photographing babies' hands.  The tiny fingernails that are so thin, and yet so razor sharp, lol!  Sweet little messy cuticles that you just can't bear to trim for the first time.  (Okay, speaking from personal experience here:  I was a big wimp; I made my sister cut my firstborn's fingernails for me... I was petrified of cutting off the end of his finger.  ha!) 

Ahh, Marlow... you are so adored.

And big brother Henry... oh, dear Henry.  I am smitten.  You get your own post, buddy.  :)  Tomorrow.