Our darling baby girl turned two last week.  We celebrated.  We sang.  We clapped.  I cried, as everyone expected.  And if you've been reading this blog for more than a minute, then you know that my crying over my children was never a question in the first place. So whether I want her to be or not, she is two.  :)  She is fiercely independent with bouts of "holdjuuu" mixed in.  She can carry on a conversation with an adult and they can understand almost every word.  She speaks in full, detailed sentences.  She blows us all away on a daily basis.  Intelligent beyond my wildest dreams (just watch her navigate an iPhone).  She's compassionate already, and so sweet to others.  Snuggly.  Loves her big brother.  Loves babies, whether they are real ones, "her" babies, or the children on my computer screen while I'm editing ("cuuuute bebee!").  She has the best laugh when she's tickled in just the right spot.  She loves music.  (Especially Justin Bieber.  Seriously.)  Loves to color, and always hands me the crayon and then asks me to "dwah a hawht."  (translation: draw a heart.  Or a silly face.)  She is full of light.  My Lila.

This isn't the birthday photo I'd envisioned including in this post.  In fact, we haven't even done her two year photos yet.  Those are planned for next week.  However, when I came across this image in my folder it would not let me leave it alone.  I decided that it is perfect to convey my feelings about her turning two.  About my secret wish to smooth right over her birthday and pretend it didn't happen.  That she's not growing up this fast.  That the past two years have not been such a blur.  Although I've hung onto every moment possible, there are some that still slipped through my fingers.  Things that I missed, laughs I didn't hear, naps I didn't see her take.  But that's alright.  She runs into my arms every afternoon.  She snuggles with me every night, and wakes up to me every morning.  She is joyful, and amazing, and perfect.  And now I can choose to wipe aside those tears that burn my throat and make my sight blurry, and recognize the raw beauty that lies within her.

clearwater child photography

My sweet girl.  I love you so.  xxoo  ~Mama