I love this child like you would not believe. The way he talks (that sweet Southern drawl gets me every time). His lanky not-a-baby-anymore stride, swinging his arms and humming. The sparkle in his eye while he tries to sneak another cracker before dinner. His pride in his accomplishments... "I did it aww by mysayelf." The way he's NEVER hungry for soup, or spaghetti, or sandwiches, or vegetables of any kind... but how he's ALWAYS, miraculously, hungry when we mention ice cream. His squint-eyed giggle, that sends me into fits of laughter myself.


How he always brings me the blue light-saber and asks me to be Luke Skywalker... and he'll be Darth Vader. And how he immediately tries to "chop my arm off". ;) The "little boy sounds" I hear him make while he's playing pretend in his room: "fyoom! pshhht! krrrk!" And then, always, a crash.


His amazing hugs, that are so tight you almost fall over. The way he runs with abandon, not a care in the world, his "surfer-hair" flowing in the wind. The way he says, "Watch me this time!!" and runs even faster.


The way he sleeps. One arm around Rabbit, the other hand clutching a Star Wars or pirate figurine. The way he crumples his beloved blankie into a ball and holds it close when he's sleepy. The way he thanks Jesus every night for "Mama an' Daddy" and how he innocently prayed every night for two weeks: "Dear God, please let Mama say it's only one day 'till my birthday."


Well, my "baby" just turned four (::stacey weeps now::). Seems like only last week I was rocking him in my arms, singing "You and Me" by Lifehouse.... now he knows all the words and sings it back to me. :)


Ahh, my big boy. :) I just love him.