Cookie monster.

A bit of business before I post these next shots...

If you would like a photo session with me before I give birth (!) and go on maternity leave, PLEASE, schedule it NOW! :) I'm currently booking for mid-May with a few early June dates still open. To book your photo session, you can contact me via my website which is, or by emailing me at, or simply by calling me at 727.698.0344. I can't wait to hear from ya!

Now.... on to the photos!! :)

This is Hailey. Her mama owns a local coffee shop in Dunedin, with whom I'm working on a project at the moment. We went out and had a little session a few Saturdays ago, and brought some yummy snacks along with us! And YES, can you believe MORE COLOR from me?! But these photos just *screamed* COLOR to me.... and, like I tell my clients, I don't have the heart to convert to black-and-white in some instances! I hope you'll understand once you see these. ;)





last one.... i love it.


And there you have it. The explanation for zero black-and-white images in a post. :) Can ya blame me?