10.10.10 Wedding ~ Angela + Michael

So, I'm not a wedding photographer.  And I tried to convince Angela of this.  I think I tried to talk her out of it, if you want to know the honest truth.  ;)  But Angela has been a long-time friend to Chris and me, such a wonderful supporter of my little photography business, and Parker just adores her son Zach.  How could I say no to her?  Well, at least without giving her fair warning that I truly wasn't a wedding photographer and is she absolutely sure she wants ME?!  Still, despite my fear and my apprehensiveness, she trusted me.  She had faith in me and confidence that I would document their day in my unique perspective, with my own eye. And guess what?  I love her for it.  I loved the entire experience and had a wonderful time.  Angela and Michael were naturals in front of the camera (of course, since they own a film production company), and made my job that day feel almost easy.  (Not to mention that she is stunningly beautiful and they are both extremely photogenic.)  I am honored that I was able to be there not only to photograph her marriage to Michael on 10.10.10, but to witness my sweet friend marry her best friend.  And I'm more than grateful for that.

They were married at the beautiful Cafe Alma in downtown St. Petersburg, FL.  The atmosphere was intimate, warm, inviting, elegant, and amazing.  Such a gorgeous venue, and the staff was fabulous from beginning to end.  Lindsey Matacchiero made Angela look even more stunning with hair and makeup.

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the wedding kissTheir two sons were by their side during the ceremony.  These little guys couldn't look more different on the outside... but inside their hearts, they've been brothers for a long time now.brothers1

michael and angela rocha weddingAfter the ceremony, we took to the streets of St. Petersburg to play in the setting sun.  You know me and my beloved backlight... especially at sunset!  ;)  These are some of my favorites from the entire evening, so forgive me if I share more than a few!  There was very little editing done on the color images here... the light was just warm, gorgeous, and perfect.St Petersburg Wedding Photographer

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rocha wedding st petersburg fl

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first danceI wish I could post the whole wedding!  There are so many more that I'd love to share here.  Michael and Angela, thank you so very much for entrusting me with your amazing, most perfect wedding day!  Sweet wishes and congratulations your way.

And dare I say.... I think I could get used to shooting weddings.  :)