The Chic Critique Forum

I remember participating in a popular photography forum several years ago when I first began shooting.  It was a wonderfully helpful forum filled with photographers of all skill levels; lots of people participated and shared their images and gave/received feedback and critique.  A lot of the feedback was really helpful, and forced me to open my eyes and view my images on a more technical level instead of an artistic one (ya gotta know the rules in order to break them, right?).

After awhile, as my work improved, I began to get comments like "Great shot!", "So stinkin' cute!" or "Love it!", or the ever-popular "I lurrrrve it!" (anyone remember that one?!).  While sweet words like that were (and still are) wonderful to hear (and so good for the ego, lol)... I felt that these compliments weren't necessarily the truth.  I longed for honest critique again.  Someone to tell me flat-out that my highlights were blown to smithereens and my shadows were completely blocked.  Or to offer helpful advice, for instance, if I had turned my subject a few degrees more toward the light, I could have brightened up her eyes or lightened the shadows alongside her cheek.  Give it to me straight!  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt hat I could have improved my technique faster if someone had simply told me the truth about my work.

Well, enter the Chic Critique Forum!  It's a wonderful new resource that focuses on giving photographers HONEST critique on their work.  What's it really worth to you, to have honest and helpful feedback on your photography?  To have another set of eyes to view your work, someone help you figure out what your images might be lacking.  What could make them a little bit better, what could make them stand out and shine?  I say $59 is a steal for something as valuable as the future of your art and your business.

I'm thrilled to be a part of this amazing group of "Celebrity" Photographers who are offering our honest critique to help your images improve.  Sign up HERE for my 4-Week Critique, and also become a part of a fabulous forum that will continue to help you and your photography business blossom and grow!  My class is only $59 and begins on Monday, October 3.  I can't wait to chat with you and help your images become better than ever.  See you soon!