Blessed beyond measure.

I have had the privilege of having Laura as a best friend for, oh, about 25 years! I really can't remember when we met, of course it was when we were little kids... but it just seems like I've known her since birth! I can't remember NOT knowing her. We have had SO much fun through the years. Our birthdays are on the same day, one year apart. So we had lots of birthday parties together. We've kept in touch no matter where life has taken us... my moving all over the country, our weddings, the birth of four (soon-to-be five!) babies, and everything that comes afterwards. We're really "kindred spirits", as Anne of Green Gables would say. :) I can remember hanging out in her bedroom drinking Coke from a glass bottle, calling up the local radio station to request our favorite New Kids On The Block hits (LOL!), dancing, teasing our bangs, and modeling for the camera like we were ready for the cover of Teen magazine. (Yep, I have a few early photos that I found at my Mom's house... my "budding photography career" at age 14! Remind me NEVER to share those embarrassing shots with you, by the way.) ;) Whew, the flashbacks! And the big hair!!

We still joke about all those summers we spent together... especially the bean patch. ;) Since she had a pool and we didn't, we'd get calls during late summer like this one... "Hi Stacey, do you and your sisters wanna come over and swim tomorrow? Good! Well, we gotta pick beans first....." :/ That stinker. She just wanted six extra hands to help her in the string bean patch!!! And I'm afraid we weren't very much help either.... bean-pickin' just wasn't my thing. Good thing there was a hammock about 10 feet from the edge of the garden.

Anyway, when I was in KY a few weeks ago, I got the chance to hang out with her family and photograph them again. All five of them this time, not just her three beautiful daughters! Take a look..... sort of a "day in the life." Without the bean patch. :)


Playin' on the bed.... what better way to spend the day?!

I loooove this one.......

Couldn't resist this one in her crib. She was a HOOT!

Then we headed out in the SNOW!


*sigh* They're growing up so fast on me. I remember when they were born, when they were babies, and when they were toddling around. Now it's swim meets (gold and silver medals for these girls, by the way!) and preteen stuff. I don't wanna even know about the boys. Don't even tell me!!

Yep, COLOR from me. I couldn't resist, what with all their gorgeous "bundled-up-ness" and all...


And what better way to warm up... than with a nice warm BUBBLE BATH?!


"Mommyyyyyy!!!" ;) The littlest one needed a towel every time bubbles got on her chin.... which was every 5 seconds, LOL!


This last one just tugs on my heart.... what sweet bliss.


I'm so proud of and happy for you, Laura, my sweet friend. Your life has been blessed so richly. I love you to pieces, and I hope you enjoy my little peek into your life... your fun, crazy-happy, laughter-filled morning with your family. XOXOXOX

Love, Stace