The festival.

A couple of weekends ago, the kiddos and I hit up the local Pumpkin Festival at Hunsader Farms in Bradenton.  We went with some great friends, and met a few more awesome friends there, and we ALL had such a fantastic time!  Even on my day off, I couldn't resist bringing along the camera for a few snapshots.  ;)   (And, well, I knew that if I didn't hurry and blog these, that they wouldn't see the light of day until after Christmas!!  LOL!)

Parker and Hunter figuring out the hay maze.  (Hunter's little cap pulled way down just makes me smile!)

We checked out the fresh produce stands, and bought some apple butter, pumpkin butter, strawberry preserves, and of course... pumpkin bread.  (Which I happily ate for breakfast the next morning, lol!)

One of the kids opened up an ear of corn... and guess who had gotten there first?  (Eww....)

Of course we had to stop sliding and bouncing and hay-mazing long enough to grab some lemonade, pumpkin pie, and good old-fashioned funnel cake... you know, just for sustenance.  ;)  I think Lila desperately wanted some, what do you think?!

Then the face-painting began......

Parker and his pal Tyler. (Chris and I have been friends with Hunter and Tyler's parents for about 10 years.... Tyler was born in FL but they all moved away a few years ago, before Hunter was born... and now they're all back in FL again!  It's so sweet to see our kids having the chance to grow up together and be such great friends.)  :)

Fresh country air, crafts, yummy fair food, carnival games, lots of friends...  and finally, a nap.  What a perfect day!