My Birthday Boy

Today is my love's birthday. (Well, yesterday, by the time you read this.) Stacey and Chris Woods

That's us, circa July 2000.  It was our first wedding anniversary, and we'd gone back to the beach where we'd said our vows the year before.

Chris deserves a bit of attention today, because without him, I probably wouldn't be here at all. His quiet encouragement for the past 14 years, his dry sense of humor when things are chaotic, his sensible perspective despite all of The Crazy I bring... these traits are beautiful to me. I am so proud, and so glad, that this man is mine.

Chris Woods

Stacey Woods

That baby girl isn't Charlotte... it's baby Lila.  ;)

I am the mushy one who can stretch out a compliment a mile long. / Chris quickly gets to the point about what he likes. But he is sweet and sincere, and his "All my love, Chris" card signature is every bit as beautiful to me as a poem.

I love to try new things. / My husband is as predictable as the hands on a clock.  He will deny it outright, but truly, his routine = solace.

I am creative and so messy. I love pens and notebooks and flowers and frames and images and anything lovely to inspire me while I work. / His most-used tools are spreadsheets and calculators, and he has nary a photograph on his desk.  (Especially shocking to me, considering my profession and the abundance of photographs we have in our home. But I digress.)

I am forgetful and flighty despite my very best intentions. / Chris is dependable, true to his word every time. If he says he'll be there at 7pm, he pretty much guarantees it.

A lot of times my introverted-ness comes out, and I tend to shy away from crowds, or at the very least hold back, smile and just people-watch until it's over. / Chris is most definitely Mr. Life of the Party.

We are opposite in so many ways, but the things we have in common far outweigh our differences.

Together, we helped God create the three most beautiful children on the planet.

We both enjoy a delicious steak.  He's even coming around to my way of grilling cooking them, I think. Maybe. Possibly?

Music is essential to our lives, every single day. We have so many songs that we connect to.

We love Dallas.  Not the city, the TV show.  (We used to watch old episodes of the original Dallas together, on the Soap Network years ago.  Rest in peace, Larry Hagman.)  I rarely watch anything on TV, but I have to admit that I look so forward to Monday nights, snuggled up next to Chris on the couch.

We can't imagine living any distance away from the beach.  We've both experienced snow, sleet, and "iiiice storms" enough to know what we like. That sweet, salty air in our lungs is necessary for us to breathe, now.

We try and trump each other by rattling off funny movie quotes at the most well-timed (or ill-timed) moments. Usually something from a corny slapstick movie.

A little Johnny Cash, some comfy chairs on the patio, a bottle for him and a glass for me, always make for the best date nights ever.

And he is never more attractive to me than when he's being a good daddy. Which is pretty much all the time.

Chris Woods

We are yin and yang. Peanut butter and jelly. Oreos and milk. Tarzan and Jane.  :)

Happy 44th Birthday, my sweet southern boy.  I'm yours forever.

xo, Stacey Jo