Fly on my wall.

And these are just from today.....

-I was putting Parker down for his nap this afternoon, tucking the sheet up around him and leaning down for a kiss...
P: "Mah-muh? Will you lay with me, an' snuggle me, an' scrrratch my baack in shapes??" (We can't just scratch, we must scratch in circles or triangles or hexagons, or whatever random picture he thinks up...)
Me: "Yes, baby, but only for a minute then you have to go to sleep, okay?"
P: "K." (and I begin scratching circles and triangles and what-have-you.) "Mah-muh, will you drawl a hula guurl?"
Me: "What? A hula girl?!" (but I do it... with my fingertip I trace arms and legs and the grass skirt and everything.)
P: "Hey, don't forget her brawl!" (LOL!! A bra?!)

-After I finish scratching the hula girl (complete with bra) and then the pirate (with peg-leg by special request), I flatten my hand and just rub his back for a few seconds. He stops me and says, "Hey, dat wasn't on my list!!" Good grief!

-Listening to the baby with my monitor/headphones getup this evening....
Me: "Shh, now if you'll be real quiet we might be able to hear her movin' around."
P: "I can't hear nuffin!"
Me: "Well, maybe if we call her name she'll answer us?"
P: (speaking INTO his headphones now) "Ava? Aaaava Caaarrroliiiine! Are you deyr??" (moving the headphone back to his ear to listen, then back to his mouth, etc.) "What? What did you say? You said you wanna come outta Mah-muh's belly? Mah-muh, she wants out! Way'll, you can't come out yet!!!!"

Now you really want to know where my son got his sweet Southern accent? It's not completely from me, since my hillbilly accent has melted and changed over the years (and ahem, over our nomadic moving all over the East Coast). CHRIS's accent, on the other hand, is still extremely strong. That man is North Carolina through and through!

-Walking down the hallway while Chris was on Parker's bed reading his bedtime story to him....
Chris: "Mama Bear an' Papa Bear an' Baby Bear went for a walk yonda' in the woods, while their oatmeal cooled down." (giggle) "......well, since Goldilocks didn't eat a very good breakfast, she was miiiighty tard, so she went upstairs to find herself a bed to lay down in."
Me (from across the hall): "Goldilocks was WHAT?!?!"
P: "She was TARD, Mah-muh!!!"
Chris: "Somebody's been sittin' in my cheer." (Now, Chris got this one honest from his Daddy. Papa Donnie still invites me to come sit down 'right-chere' in this 'cheer'. ;) And I simply grin and sit down. Right-chere.

Ahh, I love my sweet life. :) There is just so much to laugh about!!

I hope you're all having a great weekend!

*eta: had to come back and add this image..... what's a post on a photographer's blog, without a photo?? :)