Some Holiday Fun

I'm getting ready to ship out hundreds of my clients' Christmas cards to them, which have arrived from my lab this week.  In thinking about all these Christmas Card Lists that just keep getting longer and longer it seems, I wanted to share a quick download that might help you get organized for this task!  You can download your free, printable, momAgenda Christmas Card list here.  So handy!  Once you download those fun lists, go to the momAgenda home page, and take advantage of the sales they're having on mini-planners for Moms (and anyone else in desperate need of organization in their day... frazzled photographers included)!  I use a momAgenda planner myself, after seeing a good friend using one, and I just adore mine.   You can also download a Holiday Gift Purchase List to keep track of whose shopping is completed (check!), and which child still needs all these Transformers (Santa mustn't forget)!  ;)

Speaking of getting organized, it took me a full week to get my tree(s) up, but they're finally finished!  

I've also decided to participate in a Christmas Open House of sorts.  If any of you have ever heard of a very funny lady by the name of BooMama, she's a hilarious blogger (er, freelance writer) from the Deep South and she puts on a Christmas Tour of Homes every year, courtesy of the good ol' internet.  (And she'll have you eating fried chicken and drinking sweet tea after listening to her "talk" for five minutes.)   BooMamaChristmasTour

So! On December 15th, come back to my blog with a steaming cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course).  I'll be posting photos of my home, and my halls, all decked out for the season.  :)  After you take a "tour" of my home, you can browse other bloggers' homes in just a click or two.  I'll also be sharing a favorite holiday recipe (or two... or five).  How's that for serving refreshments!!  Hope to see ya soon!