a fresh start.

Wow.  What a week!  As I sit here thinking about this week's happenings and activities, I can't help but think that this is a fresh start for so many of us.  Of course, the Presidential Inauguration was the spotlight feature.  So many Americans are filled with new hope and are whispering a prayer for change at this moment!  In our personal lives, my husband Chris started a new job this week (yay!), and we are all four in the middle of the awkward ballet that is our new routine.  Hopefully we'll get it all figured out this coming week.  And I, finally, am back on the Blog Train today!!!  Show of hands, did all (um, three) of you faithful blog-readers miss me?!  LOL!  I promise I'll be a better blogger in 2009.  :) Believe it or not, I still have sessions from 08 to catch up on showing y'all.  So without further ado... 

This little guy stole my heart.  I love this age...  curious, joyful, and so in awe of their little (big) world.

And isn't he lucky to have two parents who are so in awe of HIM?  :)  I love that.

Loved his little curled up toes by the pool!  ;)

Now tell me.... who in the world could resist that face?  Wouldn't it be soooo difficult to say "no" to those big melt-you-in-a-minute eyes?!  I'd have him spoiled for sure!

Thanks, guys, for an amazing session.  I had so much fun with your sweet family!!