Post-a-palooza continues....

I loved this session... big brother was so fun and full of energy (as per the age!), and their Mama was so patient and gentle with them the entire session.  That makes my job SO much easier!!  (Thanks Ashley!!  xoxo)

He was so playful, and so much fun.  What I'd give, sometimes, to just be able to play in the floor all morning without a care in the world.

He danced and danced.  I loved the light coming from behind him while he bopped around.  :)  And that blur of his arm just gets me.... makes me remember the way he spun around with pure joy.  Oh to be a child again -- just for a few moments!

His beautiful little sister was awake, and completely the opposite of her brother (well, this particular morning at least -- I don't know what their Mama might say about most other days!).  ;)  During the shoot, she was calm and gentle, and so serene.  She quietly soaked up the room with her big brown eyes.  I adored her.

See the difference between these two?  It's quite the same at our house too, I assure you.  LOL!  

And I wouldn't change that for the world.  :)