in the blink of an eye.

It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital, in that carseat that seemed to swallow him whole.  Tiny blue onesie.  Sleepy blue eyes.  Itty-bitty cry.

Today, he turned five.  And I am feeling a little bittersweet.  So sad to think he'll be starting Kindergarten this fall.  Yet so proud to see him accomplish such "big-boy" things.  My heart both breaks and swells with pride as I watch him grow up right in front of my eyes.

I crept into his bedroom last night, after he was good and asleep, and I thanked God for giving me the honor of being this child's mother.  Thank you, God, for letting me take care of him here on this Earth.  Thank you for giving him such a sweet heart, and please guide me in the duty of nurturing that heart and mind as he grows.

We had a rather large celebration for him this weekend.  We are blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love him!  But since today was his actual birthday, we celebrated quietly at home... with a trip to the ice cream shop, some fun at the playground, and dinner at his favorite restaurant (Skyline Chili, LOL!).  Then we baked a cake at home, and laughed and loved until bedtime.  I couldn't ask for a more perfect ending to today.

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.  "I wuv you pieces."

Love, Mama.  xoxo